Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Guest Blogger Wendi: Day 2!

Pin It The morning is my favorite time with J. He's alert, happy, and it's the best time for being outside right now. We went out a few weeks ago to enjoy some water play, with seashells, buckets, his shovels, etc. One of his favorite things lately is transferring items to and from places. 

I like that he's so focused on his hand/eye coordination.
He studied them very closely and; enjoyed splashing in the water.

By the time this was over, he had put the seashells into the green bucket and back into the water 3-4 times. We talked about textures, inside, outside, over, under and water... trying to focus on a language rich environment. His new word this week is "agua" for water, so that's fun to repeat these days.


Bath playtime is fun and easy. We did colored ice cubes one evening. They melted fast, but he was sure to grab them and watch them melt in his hands.

I also dumped my bag of pattern blocks into his tub. These would be a great way to learn shapes once he's bigger, too. My students loved these to make patterns, geometric shapes, designs, etc.

More to come from Wendi tomorrow!

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