Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Guest Blogger: Wendi Day 3!

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Wendi is great isn't she!  I hope you are enjoying her posts this week!

I pulled out my pom-pom puffs from one of the boxes. He loves to sort things, so I thought the muffin tins would be good. Anything with divided slots or sections are great for his age. He tried to put them into his mouth once or twice, so I was sure to closely monitor these. They are a perfect choking hazard, but oh so fun!

Anyways, he enjoyed the muffin tins and putting them in and out of the various buckets. And then dumping them all out to start over. :)

You can pick these up at the dollar store! We played with these again the other day with the mini muffin tins and they worked better. He put a pom-pom in each circle, then took them out, and repeat.

I gave J a magazine the other morning to play with. He tore out the pages and ripped them up. I know this can perhaps be teaching your child it's okay to rip pages (like in books), but we are still using board books and he had fun. Life is too short to always worry about rules over fun. :) But, you could use newspaper, construction paper or even tissue paper, and I'd probably recommend not sitting in his high chair to do this. I am looking into getting a little table and chairs so we can have a designated place for activities. But until then...

He was so focused.

J enjoyed the sounds he was hearing: tearing, scrunching the paper in his hands, ripping, and crinkling. And it was a great use of his hand muscles.

This was the end product - easy clean up and a smiling boy!

More Wendi Fun Tomorrow!  

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