Friday, December 7, 2012

Last day for our guest blogger Wendi!

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It is the last day for our wonderful guest blogger, Wendi!  

Sensory bins are also a great idea for kids this age. I would use these with my special needs kids and they LOVED them at school. I got out the big canister of dried oats and dumped some into a clear box. I added a few of his magnetic letters to the mix and took out his shovels/buckets. He loves playing in the dirt, so I figured this would be a cleaner option (although messy play is awesome if you have the time and energy for it - more with that soon!).

He went to town with the scooping. We talked about the letters and colors. If you don't have magnetic letters, you can get them on the kitchen aisle at Target, Walmart, etc. Or of course, you can visit any school supply store to get all of these things. But, you don't have to use letters... anything would be fun inside the oatmeal (balls, plastic animals, little cars, whatever). You could also use rice, dried noodles, buttons, big beads, or shredded paper to make this exciting!

We sang the ABC's and I read him an alphabet book when we went back inside.

I'm excited to do more of these with different story book themes (ocean, seasons, gardening, letters, shapes, etc.) as he gets older.

This may have been Jake's favorite activity recently. 

These plastic colored linking chains were oh so fun. He would drag them out of the container, stop and examine them, pull more out, then take a few steps carrying them, then plop down and chew on them, etc. 

Even this container was fun for him b/c it's different. It's an oblong shape and a perfect reach for his little arms.

This is a subwoofer in our living room, and he likes to put things in the hole. Cute boy.

So, before you think I am trying to be super mom by posting these pictures, please know I am NOT. I am far from that and never want to be that. Remember how I wrote above that I'm having to make a conscience effort to have intentional play time with Jake? My to-do lists sometimes control me? I'm just wanting to share a few things we've been doing around here and plan to post more about teaching, learning and playing in the future. Maybe it can encourage you to be playing more with your kids, without spending a lot of money on toys. And if you have any creative play ideas, please share with me!! I'm all about exploring new ways to have fun with my boy.  

Thanks Wendi for all your wonderful ideas!!!  Don't forget to check out her blog!  

More fun from Rory coming on Monday!

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