Thursday, December 13, 2012

Reindeer Handprints

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We are so excited for Christmas.  I really get into the holidays; I get completely carried away with the music, the snow, the movies, and the decorations.   I love telling Rory about Christmas, Santa, the works.  She loves Rudolph, especially because her favorite toy is from “the Island of Misfit toys,”  we have decided to make several Rudolph crafts this holiday season!  These reindeer make such cute cards, and they are so easy to make! 

Materials needed:
  • brown paint
  • something for a red nose
  • google eyes, or other kind of eyes
  • markers to draw smiles 
  • brown construction paper
To make these; paint both of your child’s hand brown.  Have them place both hands on the paper and space them a little bit apart.   Set it aside, and allow it to dry.  When they are dry you can now decorate!  
To decorate, cut a reindeer head out of a piece of brown construction paper.  I made an oval and then cut the sides smaller, similar to the shape of a bowling pin so that it is smaller on top and larger on the bottom. We drew on some eyes, a mouth, and used a big, puffy, sparkly, pom pom for Rudolph’s nose.  
Her mimi and papa are going to love to get these reindeer in the mail! 

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