Thursday, January 24, 2013

A better hospital night!

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Each day Rory was getting better and better.  We could tell by just by the look in her eyes.  Last night we had issues with diapering.  They removed her catheter yesterday, which we were quite excited about, but we were not professionals at diapering with a spica cast.  
I got to hold her again!
We used 2 different sizes of diapers, we used a small diaper (we used a size 3 at first but then got a size 5 when she started losing weight and she had more room in her cast) and put that inside of her cast.  We then used a size 6 for the outside of the cast.  Although it seems like it would secure all that enters the diaper, it doesn’t!
With her on plenty of IV fluids and keeping down all of her fluids I was awoken multiple times in the night needing to change diapers and bedding.  We learned quickly to just check on the diaper every few hours.  We informed the nurses and they said they would inform the doctors with hopes to lower her IV fluids.  
Snuggling with Dada
Even though we were a day behind St. Nick’s Day (which my family always celebrates), we decided to celebrate it today.  It wasn’t so much the “celebrating” fact, it was the fact that we wanted to do anything and everything we could to make Rory happy and smile.  
Jon went out and came back with a bunch of treats.  He had a “Happy Birthday” balloon from Elmo, the sesame street characters also got her a card, and me and Jon wore goofy headbands and Christmas shirts with Rory’s favorite Characters (the Grinch and Oscar the Grouch) on it just to make her smile.  NEver in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be walking around in an Oscar the Grouch shirt, let alone with a big Christmas Tree headband; but once I saw the smile on her face, I didn’t take the shirt off until late december when my belly wouldn’t fit in it again.   She still didn’t have her normal “Rory” smile, but I was quite happy with a smirk!
out looking at the Christmas Trees
Today we got to take her out of her hospital room, so we naturally went to all of the Christmas trees we could find in the hospital.  We bought a wagon so she could recline in it.  We were so excited just to be out of that room!  We got going on our wagon journey and I asked her where she wanted to go, she replied, “home.”  :(  
Since we had been in the hospital, Jon and I were the ones begging Rory to eat and always reminding her to drink.  I was shocked today when she said that she wanted to eat a cupcake.  Jon and I were in search for cupcakes!  We ended up getting a piece of cake from the cafeteria and she devoured it!  We then got as many blueberry, banana, and chocolate chip muffins possible for her.
Muffin and Cupcake Lover!
I’ll take soiled sheets and casts any day, my girl was eating and smiling.  Things were looking up for our family!

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