Monday, January 7, 2013


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Rory and I have been talking about things that are beautiful lately.  She is so sweet and sometimes when I get dressed she will come up to me and say, “Mommy looks beautiful,” when in reality I look like Linda Blair from the Exorcist.   I will ask her, “Rory, what else is beautiful,” and she will say, “Roro is beautiful!”

She will also talk about other things that she thinks are beautiful; such as her baby Marilyn and Emmy her cat.  I love when she will say things are randomly beautiful, like when we are in the grocery store and she will say that an apple is beautiful or Mommy's car is beautiful!  

I love that she thinks she is beautiful.  Self Esteem is so important, and I believe it is so important for them to learn that they are beautiful and special early on in their lives.  I hope Rory grows up and will continue to think that she is beautiful.  I think that if we continue to tell her every day how beautiful and wonderful she is she will grow up with positive self esteem.  

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