Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 2: pre-op!

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Today was our pre-op day.  We drove up to the hospital: Rory already knew what was going on, she turned to me and said, “No doctors, mama.”   I guess she remembered from our last few trips out there!  

We arrived at pre-op and everything went well, until we had to give blood.  They couldn't get a vein from Rory.  They tried everywhere, arm, hand, leg, and finally found one on her foot!  It was just hard hearing Rory fuss and yell and we just had to hold her down and have this done to her.  We brought my old iphone and I had placed all of Rory’s movies, songs, and apps on her phone for her to play with, so we watched Rudolph and singing the songs helped!  It is just hard to explain “taking blood” to a 2 year old!

poor bug had to have it taken from a vein in her foot!

there are her x-rays in the background

Pre-op done!  She then had some x-rays done, which I hated because I couldn’t go into the x-ray room with her because of the baby, so Daddy went in with her.   Everything looked great, so we got the “ok” for surgery.   Her time was 8:30am, which means we had to get to the hospital at 6:30am.  I was very nervous about her not being able to eat or drink for a few hours.  I didn’t know that they couldn't even drink water!   Rory wakes up thinking about drinking milk, so I was a little nervous!

For the rest of the day we decided to go to the “Downtown” part of West Palm Beach and walk around the water.  We stumbled around something better, a big fountain!  We were all running through the fountains and Rory must have played in the fountain for an hour!  

We just walked around and tried to have Rory enjoy her last day of running around playing as much as possible because we knew tomorrow would be difficult. 

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  1. Kids are so resilient. I'm glad to hear she's doing well



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