Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First Night in the Hospital after Surgery

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The following nights in the hospital were difficult.  Being in a hospital is hard enough when people come in your room every few hours to do vitals, but on top of that we had machines beeping, blood work done, and medicine changes frequently.  It was tough to get any sleep whatsoever.  

I was sleeping in the bed with Rory and had to sleep on my side, I was afraid of hurting her leg, even though she was in her non-removable spica cast.  Because of the medicine she was on she would wake up with her arms jerking and it would wake her up.  I managed to find a way for me to sleep with one arm behind her head and my other arm across her body holding her far arm.  
Hardest day of my life

She did pretty well the first night, considering all she went through that day.  We knew she was hurting when she would wake up and say she was “stuck” in her cast, or would start screaming “get me out.”  She was so confused and scared that she was literally freaking out.  We would call the nurse and get her a new dose of pain meds and it would help calm her down.  
It still hard for me to look at Rory the next day.  She had bruises and holes all over her feet and hands from trying to put catheters in her during the surgery yesterday.   Her swelling had also intensified over the next day.  Almost every part of her was swollen; eyes, wrists, hands, feet.  Her eyes were what made it the hardest for me to look at her.   Id look in her eyes in hopes to see a sparkle of the Rory cheer that was so present a few days ago, but I just saw a blank stare and confusion.  It was so strange seeing my baby girl, but she wasn’t herself at all, it was as if she was in a “Rory Shell” of some sort, that I desperately wanted her out of!

I still can't look at this picture without crying

bruises everywhere

Rory had a tube in her throat for so Long that it hurt her to talk, so she didn't say much. She resorted back to signing as she did before she could talk.  It didn't help her throat that she would throw up almost anything she ate for a while.  We would resort to small things like Popsicles and applesauce and those would all come right back up. 

She grew high temperatures of almost 102. She would be sweating when Jon and I were snuggled in blankets. 
She wasn't eating much of anything because she would throw everything back up. What helped was having full access to her iPhone and iPad.  She would wake up screaming and ask to watch Rudolph on the iPad and even though it was 2am I'd let her do it just so she would be happy, because she had been through so much.
Throwing up is not easy with any child, but it is exceptionally hard with a child who has just undergone a long surgical procedure and is in a spica cast with tubes everywhere.  She couldn’t move at all so when I noticed the barf I would have to pick her up being very ginger not to remove her epidural or drain vacs, and other tubes and would roll her over on myself or whatever room we had available.  There were several times where she would start vomiting all over herself before we even noticed, even though I was in the bed with her the whole time.
The vomiting didn’t help with her sore throat at all, it just made it worse.  When ever she would sleep it sounded like she had a bad cold and was extremely congested.  During the day a nurse came in and listened to her breathing.  We had a doctor prescribe her breathing treatments every four hours.  She would have to put on a little mask and inhale some medicine for 7 minuets.  I couldn’t be around her when she had these because of the chemicals she was breathing would be harmful to my baby to be.  It was just another thing that terrified her.  
The doctors decided she needed to get a new cast because hers was a little too big on top of her tummy. We noticed t was larger when she would yell to "get me out" she would stick her hand inside and attempt to pull it off, and almost rip out her drain vacs at the same time. 
New cast
They came in the hospital room with the huge cast saw and other equipment.  They propped her up on a pedestal and turned on the saw. I was t sure if I'd be able to handle it, so I took that opportunity to call my mom and Jon stayed with her. I ran into the room when I heard the saw shut off. He said she did great- no fussing or anything.  He saw her scar and warned me that it was big.
  We spent most of the day trying to do anything and everything to get a reaction out of her.  It was the hardest day ever...And the night ahead of us was going to be worse....

*Sorry for the typos, I usually try to go back and edit my posts, but these are tough for me, I cry every time I see these pictures!....so Im leaving them as is!  


  1. Poor thing!! I'm tearing up just reading about it. Rory could not have asked for a better mommy than you. I am keeping you and Rory in my prayers!

    1. Thank you so much! Prayers are needed everyday! She is such a strong girl....way stronger than her mama!

  2. Hava, everytime I read, see, or hear all that you do with that beautiful Rory of yours, I know God has given Rory to you because you are the best Mommy in the whole world. Thanks again for sharing your story of this surgery, and everything you do with Rory! (((HUGS))) -Roanna

    1. I can do one...and soon two....but it takes a special mom to have 7!!!!

  3. awww so sorry you are having to go through this but she will have a quick recovery. Kids are so resilient.
    That pic of you and Rory laying in the bed together is priceless.


    1. She is doing so good since we have been back home....i know she will be walking in no time! One day at a time!

  4. I agree with Crazy Mom if Seven! You were given Rory because you are the best Mom for her! I truly admire your strength and lo e for your little girl!
    Kristin H



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