Monday, January 14, 2013

Florida saga: Day 1

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Many of you know that our past month and a half has been thrown upside down with Rory having surgery.  There is so much to post, I know it is going to take days for me to talk about it all, so I am just going to take it a few days at a time.  

Her Super Hip and possibly Super knee surgery was scheduled for December 4th.  Because her last two surgeries were cancelled because Rory got sick, we had been in seclusion since Halloween.  No company for Thanksgiving, no play dates, no grocery store, nothing but mommy and Rory in the house and outside during the day and daddy at night.  It was SO hard, but we couldn’t afford to go down to Florida agian and have to come back because of an illness.

I knew she was healthy as a horse, adn had no concerns when her primary doctor went to check her to approve her for surgery.  Sure enough. she was fine!  My only concern was the flight down there.  I was very nervous about the flight, because Rory has gotten sick from airplanes before.  So we were the people on the plane with masks on.  

decorating our masks with stickers!
I had Rory wear the mask in teh house before the surgery to get used to it, and she liked it!  She thought it was a mask like her favorite TV character “Whyatt” from Super Why! on Pbs.  However in the airplane, the mask was awful, Mommy and Daddy wore them but Rory refused.  

I tried....

craziness in Tampa airport

Rory loves airports, she runs around and is one crazy girl!  This trip was no different!  We finally got to the hotel and the craziness began, Rory was jumping all over the bed, rolling off the bed and doing anything she could to be wild.  

It was a good day for her: airplane, airport running, and a hotel room with a TV that had stations.  Tomorrow was her pre-op appointment and she needed a good night sleep.   She knew we were in Florida to see Dr. Paley but didn’t have any idea of what was to come....neither did I!

jumping and falling all over the bed

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