Wednesday, January 30, 2013

hotel home continued...

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We had nightmares again that night.  She was again asking for us to “Get her out” and that she was “Stuck,” but still refused any pain meds possible.  We also had to get a new bedding set since she soiled the bed in the middle of the night.  I was hoping that something would work.  We tried applesauce, ice cream, hiding it in juice, sadly; we even tried holding her nose, but nothing worked.  She refused all of the pain meds.  
My mom and dad could only stay two days so they left early that morning.  Rory enjoyed all of their company and didn’t want them to go!    I didn't want them to go either, I had no idea how things would go at her follow up appointment tomorrow!
back rash
Her rash had gotten worse today.  We gave her as much time on her belly as we could so it would dry out.  It still didn’t seem to bother her, just looked really really bad.  We would get it checked first thing tomorrow at her doctor appointment.   
tummy time
To help with comfort, we made a little bed on the floor in the hotel room.  We propped up several pillows, put blankets on the floor, and would lay there reading books.  We napped there too.  She also loved to lay by the Christmas tree that papa gave her, it brightened up her spirits a lot!    
little bed on the floor
loved the christmas tree from papa
We also took her out in her wagon as much as possible.  We filled the wagon up with pillows and took her all around the hotel.  The weather in Florida was nice then so we were able to go for walks outside.  I was still very hesitant to take her in the car so we just walked around the hotel (since the hospital is not in the best neighborhood.)  
wagon ride
We tried everything we could to make things “normal” for her, but it was so hard with her in her cast!
I just prayed tomorrow was easy for all of us! 

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