Monday, January 28, 2013

Last few hospital nights, and now hotel home!

Pin It  The next few days in the hospital were a cake walk compared to the past few days.    Rory did really well with everything, and each day she would get more color in her face, start talking more, and get a little more “Rory” back into her system.  

We continued her breathing treatments, she did those every 4 hours.  We also still had issues with the diapering and accidents.  The cast smelled like pee already.  We informed the nurses each time and finally they agreed that because she was doing so well eating and drinking that she could get off of her fluids.  That helped out immensely!!!!  

 Since she was now off her fluids and eating and drinking great, the only thing we had keeping us in the hospital was her drain vacs.  The doctors informed us that we could leave the next day if her drain vacs were below certain levels.  We were crossing our fingers and praying like no other for low levels so we could go back to our hotel and get out of the hospital.

Although we were desperate to get out of the hospital, a part of me was still horrified to have Rory out of the hospital.  I wasn’t sure what to do with her in that huge cast.  It was hard enough to play with her in the hotel room with the tilted bed, but now we would be back at the unfamiliar hotel with her.  The hospital also had the added comfort of having a doctor there at any hour of the day.  I had to keep in mind that our hotel was only 2 miles away from the hospital, and that I could do this.  
wound vac only!!!  So excited to get all the tubes off!

The next morning, we had low levels in the wound vac- we were ready to go to hotel home!

in her "Grinch" shirt, ready to go!
 We got her ready to leave, she picked out her “Grinch” shirt that she wanted to wear.  Jon got her car seat ready; we thought that we would have to use some “harness straps” instead of the car seat; but luckily we brought our big car seat from home and were able to recline it to where it was almost laying down.  We added some towels in the seat part because her cast wouldn’t bend and we strapped her in.  

got her in the car seat- ready to strap her in!

It was the scariest 2 mile car ride of my life.  
The best part of going to hotel home was that my parents met us there.  I had been calling, texting, and skyping them several times a day informing them of how she was doing and knew they were extremely concerned about her.  I tried to let them know she wasn’t the normal “Rory” they are used to seeing and that she is still very out of it, but when Rory saw them she was SO excited and it perked her up a bit.  

We all had some dinner and socialized and then had an early bedtime, because we weren’t sure how things would go in the night time.  
We were so happy to be at hotel home!

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