Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Cast and X-rays!

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Today was the day we were going back to Dr. Paley’s.  We were going to have a follow up to see how her incision was doing and also to get a new removable cast.  I was pretty nervous about this appointment.  I wasn’t sure how Rory would respond to anything.  She still wasn’t taking any pain medication and her rash was  really nasty and making her uncomfortable, so I just hoped the rest of the day would go better.  
neck looking worse
She knew as soon as we drove to Dr. Paley’s office Rory began crying.  She wasn’t sure what why we were there, but she knew the building.  “Please, mama, no doctor,” as if I wanted to be there at all!  She was so scared.  She had just been through a huge traumatic surgery and was scared of everything and everyone.  I was just as scared for her.  
First thing was the x-ray.  I couldn't’ go in with her because I am pregnant, even though I knew she was more than fine going in there with Jon, I still wanted to be with her and comfort her. I could hear her crying and screaming all the way in the X-ray room.  I waited outside until she was finished, tears in my eyes.  She came out all red eyed and said, “I got x-rays, mama.  I did a good job.” 
her bar and screws in her leg
“Yes, Rory, you did a fantastic job.”  We got her x-rays back and were able to see her new hardware.  She has a screw in her hip, a metal plate and 3 screws in her femur.  She is one tough girl.  
holding on to mama
We then went to get a new cast.   Once again, she was scared to death.  I was in there while they took the cast off and put the new one on; however I didn’t see anything.  She had a hold on me and I wasn’t going to let go of her.   Her new cast split in half, and had velcro wrapped around the waist, her right ankle, and her left knee.  She is so much stronger than I could ever be.  
new cast
I got a view of her incision that day.  It was a lot larger than I thought it would be.    Dr. Paley came in to look at her.  Her x-rays were looking good, and her incision looked good.  There was one spot on her leg that was redder and darker.  He informed us that it was because her leg had been open for so long during surgery that the cells may have started to die.  Instead of staying down in Florida for her physical therapy and getting a 6 week x-ray there we could go home as long as we did everything at home.   We would still have to do physical therapy a few times in Florida; because her surgery is so rare we had to make sure we had the right physical therapy.  We made an appointment the next day.  
We immediately got on the phone and started coordinating everything.  The though of going home and being home for Christmas was music to our ears.  I was still nervous about not being close to Dr. Paley, but I wanted to be home!  
We made arrangements with physical therapy, made arrangements for home, and booked some airplane tickets!   We thought it was an early Christmas present...

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