Thursday, January 3, 2013

Project with old shoes!

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Rory has Congenital Femoral Deficiency.  That's a fact, and there is absolutely nothing I can ever do to change that.   I know that she is going to struggle with her leg for such a long time, and I know I am going to struggle with it too.  Even though Rory has Congenital Femoral Deficiency, it does not define who she is.  Rory is a beautiful, spunky, child who is so loving and is so contagiously fun!  When someone talks about Rory, I want them to think of her as “Rory the fun girl,” instead of “Rory the girl with the small leg and big shoe.”

When things get tough, like they currently are with her surgery rapidly approaching, it can be very easy to want to throw myself a one-man pity party.  I find myself upset at people who don't use their legs to their complete potential, people that chose to be lazy instead of walking or running, because although Rory tries to walk and run, she often falls and can sometimes get pretty beat up.  She will not be able to run like other kids until her legs are all completely fixed, probably not until she is 16 or so.  Although I have been dealing with how to handle this for almost two years,  there are still times that get hard.  I know that Rory feeds off of me, she feeds off my energy and the vibes I give out, so I need to lead by example.   

Her ever growing shoe is part of our life, and I want her to always be proud them and of who she is.  I do not want her to throw herself a pity party because of her leg.   I want her to know what a strong girl she is for walking and running with her little leg every day.     I want her to see her shoe as a strength rather than a weakness, which has inspired this weeks project. 

We are celebrating our differences by making shoe vases!

Materials Needed:
an old pair of shoes
styrofoam board
scissors (or exacto knife to cut the styrofoam)
artificial (or real) flowers
scrap fabric
pen or other utensil used to poke through the fabric into the styrofoam

This project will work with any shoes (I bet it would look super cute with baby shoes), any shoes that you can seem to throw away.  I had some styrofoam board that many use for flower arranging (we like to dry cake pops on them).  I also had some scraps of fabric lying around that I used to cover up the styrofoam board.  

Measure the inside of the shoe as best as possible.  Cut out the styrofoam to fit inside the shoe.  Wrap the scrap fabric around the styrofoam and place it in the shoe.  Think about how you would like the flowers to be arranged and poke holes in the styrofoam.  Place the flowers in the styrofoam.  I let Rory put the flowers in the shoes.  We used this opportunity for counting the petals on the flowers, the leaves on the flowers, and all the flowers on the shoe.

Rory really liked seeing her old shoes become centerpieces on her bookshelf!  I want Rory to look at her old shoes with the flowers and to see beauty.  I want her to know that we are celebrating what other people think could be a weakness, or deformity.  She has a very special little leg!

I encourage all moms to find what makes their child special, the weakness that others may find in your child, and let them know that it is something that makes them special.  I find that many times, a parent's attitude is reflected in the children’s attitude.  If Rory sees me being positive and optimistic about her shoes I think she will be positive too. 

These flower shoes are just another way of me showing Rory how much we love her little leg!

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