Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Back on the Airplane to Florida

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December 18.  That day we went up to Jon’s clinic to put one more Wet to Dry bandage on her leg.   We also wanted to call Dr. Paley and see if this was something we could get taken care of here.  Although I want no other doctor besides Dr. Paley touching her leg, the thought of going down to Florida was sickening.
That morning Rory and I were both in tears.  Jon talked to Dr. Paley (since he speaks medical jargon) and found out that the skin was dying and they were going to need to get her back in for surgery.  I have said that I only want Dr. Paley working on her leg, because other doctors are not only unfamiliar with her condition, but also with the hardware of screws and the metal plate in her leg.  I couldn’t have anyone else work on her.  

We were lucky enough to get into surgery with Dr. Paley the next morning.   We thought it would be a quick outpatient procedure. 
Rory the dentist
Rory was excited to go back on an airplane.  We booked tickets for that afternoon, and would be in Florida by 9pm.  We planned on staying there 3 days, until the 21st, in case something came up, and booked a return flight.  Packing was a lot easier this time- we packed a few outfits, a pair of shoes, an ipad, Rory’s phone, and some books.      
We went back to the airport.  Since she loves “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer” she pretended to he “Hermie” the elf and was a dentist to her dad.  We then played with Rudolph stickers in the airplane to ease any tension.  
flight 1
flight 2
For the last flight, which should have only been an hour or so from Charlotte to West Palm Beach, we boarded the plane.  We sat on the plane.  And then because there was an issue with the plane we had to wait and then get on another plane.  We were delayed and finally got to Florida around 11:30.  
I was trying to feed her because she couldn’t eat after midnight and she was going into surgery at 8:30am tomorrow.  I just was afraid she would be asking for milk and juice and I couldn't give her any.  
snuggling up together before surgery
To state the obvious....I didn’t sleep at all.

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