Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Christmas Eve in Florida with a spica cast and wound vac

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We already had a traumatic Christmas Eve with Rory’s first wound vac change.  It was pretty much a horrific day for all of us.  The rest of the day was pretty hard, Rory was extremely fussy and it was hard for Jon and myself too.  There is nothing worse than having your little girl scream and cry during the wound vac changes and then go back to the hotel and be extremely fussy.  

Although it was Christmas Eve, it didn’t feel like Christmas at all.  We tried to do fun things with her that afternoon.  We went back to “hotel home” and acted as crazy as we could to get her to laugh or smile or do anything.  Nothing was working.   Jon and I felt bad enough because the only presents we had for her were presents we had from the hospital.  We wanted to go out and buy her everything we could, but we first spent a ton of money just being down there, and second we didn’t want to have to haul everything back since we only packed for a few days.  We got her a few little things, but that was it.  

Even though we had a few presents, I wasn’t sure if it would help, Rory was unhappy, sad, and miserable.  She wanted her wound vac out, she wanted her cast off, and she wanted us all to go home.   She wanted to see her pets, her own bed, and be far away from the doctors.  

Finally around 7pm at night my crafty side came out and I grabbed the left over wrapping paper we had and began cutting.  I was desperate to do something that felt like Christmas.  I would have killed for a Christmas Cookie and a real Christmas tree, since Christmas is my most favorite time of year.  I had to improvise, so I then went out to teh lobby and grabbed brochures and magazines from the kiosk and began cutting those up as well.  I finally had the makings of a Christmas Tree.  

I grabbed my fussy child and had her watch me tape the sad christmas tree up to the wall.  I showed her the ornaments of stickers, misc animals cut out from brochures and the wrapping paper scraps and she actually loved it.  

Jon and I took turns holding her and having her show us where she would like to put on the ornaments.  We had to take turns because the cast was so heavy and I ended up needing a break after a while!  It made her smile and was the best 15 min we had this trip.  

We then left out some treats for santa and a note.  The treats were muffins from breakfast and fig newtons.  

We were hoping her good mood would last for Christmas Morning....

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