Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Christmas (kind of) in Florida!

Pin It Christmas was a normal Florida day for us.  Rory woke up extremely fussy.  She was still having bad nightmares in the middle of the night from her surgery and hospital stay, and Christmas night didn't cut my beautiful daughter any slack.  She woke up all fussy and the fact that there were presents in the hotel meant nothing to her.
We finally got her to the "tree" and presents.  It was even hard to open them because she still couldn't sit upright which limited how she could play with things.  She opened her "presents" (I don't even like calling them presents because it is not what Santa wanted to give to her.)

eating a cheese stick instead of wanting to open her presents
playing with her Christmas playdough
She wasn't even happy opening her presents.  She tried to play with the dolls, but wasn't too into them because they weren't her "Marilyn," she was more focused on wanting to watch the ipad and getting a waffle from the hotel breakfast than opening present.  Jon and I didn't have any presents for each other at all, it didn't even feel like Christmas.
slide time
We decided we had to get out of the hotel as soon as possible.  Nothing was open on Christmas so we decided to google a playground near by.  I didn't want to go to the playground because of all the anxiety I had when we attempted to go to the playground at the Quantum house with Santa, but I knew Rory would like it.  Like I mentioned in previous posts, there wasn't a whole lot we could do with Rory at the playground.  She was pretty restricted with her spica cast and wound vac, but she liked the swings, slides, and hanging with daddy.  She liked the playground, but still had her tantrums for her ipad and wanting to go home.
After the park we did notice a tourist store that was open on Christmas day, so we went in.  Rory liked trying on all the sunglasses and I looked for another pair of shorts since I only had a couple pairs.  Then we went back to hotel home.
loved the sunglasses
Rory had macaroni and cheese and we munched on salad with morningstar farm burgers for dinner.  It was not the Christmas my daughter deserved, so we decided we would give her a real Christmas when we got back home.
eating mac and cheese
It was a hard day for us, we just wanted things to get easier for Rory.

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