Monday, February 4, 2013

Physical Therapy then Home!!!!

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Our last few days in Florida were bittersweet, we went to Dr. Paley’s Rehabilitation Clinic to learn what we needed to do when we went home.  They were very wonderful there; Rory’s condition is so rare that they wanted to be sure that the physical therapist she would have at home would know the proper way to help her.  They gave us a huge packet with everything and even made a dvd for her physical therapist when we got home.  
waiting for pt
Physical Therapy was harder than I thought.  We were able to take off the removable cast, which Rory HATED!  We thought she may have liked it, but she was just so scared, it was another new person and another new thing.   Rory wasn’t the only scared one either.... I was completely horrified!  It is such a helpless feeling to have your child scream right in front of you.  She was looking me right in the eye and screaming.  There is not a worse feeling in the world.
We learned that we could bend the hip and the knee as far as she would let us up to 90 degrees.  another thing we had to work on was the straightening of her leg.  It was all hard, but we had to do it as much as possible to get her range of motion back and to help her walk eventually!
physical therapy
 The next day we went home!  I found  myself getting a bit fussy in the airport.  Rory was in her wagon, because she could’t sit in a wheel chair since she couldn't bend at the waist.  We had priority boarding because we weren’t sure how she was going to be able to fit on the plane, and we wanted her to be as comfortable as possible.  
waiting for the second flight
Airline regulations state that people in wheel chairs have to get on the airplane first, regardless of priority boarding.  The thing that bothered me was the fact that there were about 7 or 8 wheelchairs lined up for priority boarding and almost all of them were able to get up and walk to the Starbucks and then walk back to their wheel chair.  it was frustrating.  
first plane ride home

We also got comments like, “I wish I had a wagon and someone to push me,” or “that looks comfortable,” and “I can’t believe a 2 year old has an ipad.”  It took every part of me not to yell out- she just had a 9 and a half hour surgery, do you really think she is comfortable?  If you have a surgery like that I’m sure someone would push you around and you could have an ipad.   However, at that point I was just happy to be going home.

Rudolph stickers helped with the second flight!
We ended up having to put her in the middle seat laying across me and Jon.  I had to tell the stewardess that she couldn’t bend at the waist, so she couldn't sit in her seat by herself.   She was scared, again.  During take off and landing she laid in her seat and I bent over in my seat and grabbed on to her like one big hug.  She was then on my lap and things were much better then.  We got home late, but we didn’t care!
Being home was harder than I thought!


  1. Wishing her lots of love and speedy recovery!

    I am sure with the help of good Physical therapist and caring people like you she will be fine soon.

    Once again wishing her speedy recovery and long healthy and happy life ahead.

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