Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Post 2nd surgery- getting ready for surgery #3

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We were able to talk to Dr. Paley.  The surgery went well; Rory was in recovery and we would be able to see her when she started waking up.  He informed us of everything they did during surgery (which was significantly shorter than 9.5 hours!).  He opened the incision more up top and cleaned out her wound, and put in a wound vac.  He wasn’t sure if the stitches he had put in were giving her an allergic reaction, so he decided to put new stitches in the bottom part of her leg since they were starting to look a bit funky as well.  He informed us that he would like to put her back under anesthesia on the 21st for her first wound vac cleaning and depending on how everything looks, he may close up her incision.  

We knew we were not going to be there for a three days.  

I got to see her a few hours later.  I heard her crying for me and took off running.  It is a sound I will never forget; it was the same raspy, helpless voice I heard before that would haunt me at night.  She was scared so I hopped up in the hospital bed.  I think the nurses were upset with me because when you are in recovery from surgery you aren’t able to eat or drink anything but popsicles, because most kids can end up throwing up right after surgery.  Rory didn’t get to eat or drink until 11:30; so I brought her juice, milk, and snacks with me.  When she asked for juice she got it.  She also got popsicles too ;)

The difference between a 9.5 hour surgery and a 3 hour surgery is that Rory recovered quicker and seemed to be herself a lot faster.  She was already eating adn drinking by dinner time and there was no vomiting at all.  It was such a relief to see her recover so quickly.  

drinking juice!
She was pretty confused about her wound vac.  She wasn’t sure what it was and it made funny noises.  She named it “gurgles” because it made a gurgling sound every so often.  
She was recovering so well from this surgery.  She was eating and drinking by the end of the night. We had to stay in the hospital until her next surgery; so we stayed in the hospital the 19th and 20th of december.  I hate how everyone in the hospital tells you to get rest when they wake you up every 3 hours in the middle of the night for blood draws, vitals, and fluids.  

a small view of gurgles!

 We tried to disconnect her from her fluids as much as possible, because with her drinking and eating regularly the fluids just weren't needed.  The fluids along with everything she was consuming made diaper changing in that spica cast a nightmare.  We still had to keep her catheter in because of her surgery the next day, but we were ready for the fluids to go.   

eating great the next morning
We went out of her hospital room as much as we could the next day.  There wasn't a whole lot to do around the hospital, but we found what we could.  There was a children's play room that we went to, and we walked all around the hospital for Christmas trees.  

Now we just had to wait for the next surgery, and then hopefully we could go home!

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