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Surgery 3; Dec. 21, 2012

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We had a hard night last night.  I ended up getting pretty fussy with one of Rory’s nurses.  For the most part we had great success with the nursing staff, however the last few nights we had a girl who had good intentions, she thought she knew what she was doing, but ended up not having a clue.  

Last night we had some issues with Rorys catheter.  She was saying that it was kinked and was trying to put it back in, but for some reason couldn’t get it.  Rory was up screaming, literally screaming, for about 30 minuets while this girl was trying to fix the big needle in her vein.  I was so mad, I was furious.   I wanted her to either do the normal 1 minuet fix or to find another nurse who could, because it was getting ridiculous.  And to think that she would have surgery in a few more hours.
Almost Surgery time
This time it was easier, they came to get Rory for her surgery, so she got to sleep as much as she possibly could.  We of course brought the ipad for the waiting; however this time there wasn't much waiting.  We soon had all the vitals taken and met with the anesthesiologist.  She knew exactly where we were down in the surgery waiting area, and immediately began with the, "Please no, mama!"  It was heartbreaking.  The surgery today would be pretty easy; they were going to take out the wound vac, clean out her leg again, and he was probably going to make a few cuts here and there to help open up the wound.  Hopefully he would suture her up and we would be on a plane back home.   A short procedure, which was good, but I really hate when they have to put her under anesthesia.  

They came to get her right on time and I immediately got that sick feeling and once she went back to the room with Jon I started crying again.  Because she she had the catheter in, she could get the medicine directly into her veins.  I didn't know if this would make much difference or not, but when it was time to go back and put on her mask to be anesthetized, Jon said she was laughing instead of crying!  It helped me feel a little bit better.
Out of surgery!
Then we waited.....not nearly as long, only a few hours, but still waiting.

Dr. Paley came out and informed us that her wound looked good, and he probably could have sutured her up, but she still had the wound vac on and he would like to keep it on for a few weeks just to be safe.  Although this killed me inside, I knew it was probably our best bet because we didn't want to go all the way home to have to come back to Florida again.  We set a new surgery date for Jan. 7th and then Jon and had to talk to him about what our options were.  We could go home- however we would once again have to fly and take the chance of Rory getting sick from the airplane (which seems to happen frequently), and although her wound was covered with the wound vac and her spica cast, it was still open, and I was nervous about flying with it.  We would also have to drive an hour for wound vac changes 3 times a week but would have to schedule them soon because everything was getting ready to close for the holidays.   Our other option was to stay in Florida over the holidays, get wound changes done at the hospital (which we were quite familiar with) if there was any problems we would have a doctor right there, someone could help us over the holidays, and hopefully the wound would heal faster and we could leave sooner.

back in the hospital room
I knew I wanted to stay- I was afraid of traveling with her and the open wound.  I know the expenses for a hotel and rental car over the holidays were going to destroy us financially, but what else were we going to do.  So we decided to stay.  

For this surgery, Rory again recovered quickly.  I still heard the "Mama" raspy voice after the procedure and pushed all the nurses out of the way before I hopped into her small surgery bed.  I gave her juice too ;)  We only had to stay in the hospital over night, and then we could leave.  It looked like we were going to spend our Christmas and New Years in "hotel Home" where we came packed for one outpatient surgery.

the shorter surgeries are SO much better recovery wise! Mommy looks pretty rough!

For the next posts, I will blog about our holiday time at hotel home, and just the experiences we had with her spica cast and wound vac changes.  On the bright side, no more surgeries until the new year!

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  1. Oh Hava. I know this is over, but oh my gosh, I can't believe the strength you had to have during this time. You are an amazing woman full of God. Thank you for sharing your stories of this hard time in your lives! -Roanna



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