Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Hole in the leg *pictures are gross

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When she had a new, clean, white cast we noticed some discharge on her cast where her incision was.  It was the part where Dr. Paley had informed us about with the dead skin.  It was pretty nasty so we decided to email Dr. Paley and send him some pictures.  
The hole begins...
We are very lucky to have Dr. Paley as her doctor- he received her email and responded within the day.  He wanted us to use a wet to dry bandage treatment on the area.  
Luckily, Jon knew what that meant and had the supplies on hand to do the bandages, because I didn’t know what it meant or how to do it.  This was another traumatic experience for Rory.  She had to have Jon and myself hold her down while we used some saline solution to wet the wound and help clean out anything around it.  We then had to put different bandages on it.  Anytime we had Rory’s cast off, it was traumatic for her.  She would scream, cry and you could tell was in pain.  I wish she would take Tylenol, just anything to help with the pain.  I know part of being “castless” was fear, she was so frightened of everything.

and gets bigger...

I would cry almost every time we had to change her bandages.  I was so worried that she would think mommy and daddy were hurting her.  I didn’t want her to think that this was something we were enjoying- we hated it every bit as much as she did.     
Since I have to know pretty much everything that happens to Rory, I read up on the treatment and learned that this treatment is mainly good for trying to clean a wound.  You put on a moist dressing on the wound and let it dry; hence, the name “wet to dry” bandage.  When you take the bandage off it should also take all the nasty grossness with it.  
We were doing this several times a day; however, her wound kept opening.  It started looking like it was becoming a “hole.”  The hole would get bigger and bigger it seemed like each time we looked at it.  It also was starting to smell.  It was obviously not a plesant smell, it was pretty nasty; and I knew something wasn’t “right” with it.  
and bigger....
We were getting more and more gunk out of it each day.  We were emailing Dr. Paley daily, keeping him updated, and on the third day  I woke up to an email saying reading, “Need to clean it out.  When can you come back down to Florida.”  
and then we began packing...
My heart sunk and I felt like I was going to throw up or pass out.  I was just frozen for a little bit; I thought this nightmare was over... we go again....

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