Thursday, February 21, 2013

Visiting Santa in Florida!

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St. Marys hospital has a place called “Quantum House” where patients and their families can stay during their time at St. Mary’s; like a Ronald McDonald house.  We were very lucky to hear about Santa Coming the day following Rory’s surgery.   Since we were staying in Florida for a few weeks, we needed things to do!  Since Rory is in love with Christmas, we were very  excited to take Rory!

going to see santa
Rory was still in her spica, but luckily if we put a pillow in our little umbrella stroller and placed her in at an angle we could take her around and she fit wonderfully.  It was hard getting used to taking Gurgles (her wound vac) everywhere with us.  It was like having a short leash on your child, you couldn’t go to far because the wound vac was stuck in her leg.  

She was so excited to see Santa.  We were just happy that Rory would smile when we told her we would go see him.  I can't get tired of seeing her smile!

A group called the “corvette club” put on the event, and we were so grateful to them for what they did for Rory!  There was a Santa, Mrs. Claus, toys for the kids, and snacks.  
Rory was a bit nervous when she actually got to sit on Santa’s lap.  She loved the presents she was given, and Jon and I were too since we didn't think we were going to be having Christmas in Florida.  


Although there really aren’t any perks to being down in Florida when you child has had surgery, meeting other families who are going through similar things you are helps.  We got some treats and mingled.  Rory’s favorite was the cupcakes.  My favorite was watching her eat them. 

The quantum house also had a playground out back.  It was in the 80’s in Florida so we all went to see what we could do with Rory in her cast and with her wound vac.  It was so sweet to see her perk up.  Her favorite was that she got to “hang” again.  

playground fun!

It was so good to do “normal” things again.    

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