Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Easter!!!!

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We hope everyone has a great Easter!  These pictures are from last year- she got to go horse backriding and see the easter bunny....the picture of her waving at her dad on the horse, makes me laugh everytime I see it!

waving to daddy!
a little confused 

inflatable fun!

 We had so much fun, However, there was one downfall- the Easter egg hunt.  it was for kids ages 0-3; NOT grandmas or parents!  The hunt was over in less than 3 minutes and Rory got 3 eggs.  Meanwhile, parents were pocketing them and Jon saw a Grandma grab 2 of the golden eggs!
Although, I was a little upset....Nothing made me smile than seeing how excited Rory was when she was horseback riding!
2 of the 3 eggs!

Riding with Dada!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Finally: Rory's Christmas!

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We finally had our “Family Christmas,”  It was january 19th, but Rory didn’t know.  I knew, but Rory didn’t and that was all that mattered.  We all spent time watching Rory’s favorite movies, “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,” and “The Grinch.”  Then we got Rory to bed to get Christmas Ready.

Christmas started in Rory’s room.  She had her own little tree in there and Santa left her a “special” present for her tree.  The tree only had lights on it, so when she opened the present with Rudolph ornaments, it blew her mind and she couldn't wait to put them on her tree.  She thought that was it....that the one present was christmas, but then she scooted out her door and saw the tree.

The tree in Rory's room
The tree really blew her mind!  There were so many presents under there!  She had presents from us and then all the presents my family mailed to her.  She was in heaven!  

Scooting to the living room
Although it was only her third Christmas, she was a professional at it.  She seemed to know exactly what to do, and when she opened the presents she would either say, “Oh my gosh its adorable,” or “oh my gosh, I love it.”  It was priceless.
She knew what to do!

At her favorite pet store!
A good thing about this year’s Family Christmas, was that everything was open.  Since we were back from Florida, Rory wanted to go to all of her favorite places around town, her most favorite, The Jungle.  The Jungle is just huge pet store with fresh water fish, salt water fish, reptiles, small animals, birds, everything: its her most favorite place to go.  We did whatever she wanted to that day, and I am pretty sure she had a great day!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Cupcakes!

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Easter is coming!  Due to the fact that Rory is still recovering from her surgery and still having issues with her legs, I am not nearly as prepared for EAster as I should be.   However, we still have neighbors and friends who need sweet treats, and Rory and I still need to bake!  

We are going to make Easter bunnies and basket cupcakes!

Materials Needed:

  • cake mix and ingredients needed to make the cake (I hate using cake mix, but due to our hectic schedule and the fact that I am very pregnant, cake mix is easy and is what we are going to use!)
  • Jelly beans
  • coconut
  • food coloring
  • frosting (again, we used canned)

Make the cupcakes as you normally would.  While they are in the oven baking, you can make the coconut.  I used yellow food coloring for the chicks and green food coloring for the easter baskets.  Put some coconut in a bowl and add a few drops of yellow food coloring, repeat this with the green food coloring.  Rory loved to stir up the colors, she actually wanted to make colored coconut with all the colors!  

When the cupcakes are all finished baking let the cool.  Then add frosting as you would any normal cupcakes.  Then have your child dip the frosted cupcakes in the colored coconut.  (If there is not enough coconut on the cupcakes, please feel free to put some more on!)

Then its fun time- decorating the chick faces!  Rory loved putting the jelly beans as eyes and one orange bean as the nose.  We made this into a learning game, for the eyes Rory had to find two of the same colored beans.   For the Easter Basket cupcakes, I would tell her to hunt for certain jelly bean colors, and she would have to find them. 

Its pretty easy, fun, and everyone loves them!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Post Op- X-Rays

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On the 15th of January we got Rory’s post-op x-rays.  These were sent to Dr. Paley so he could look at everything and give us the “ok” to resume physical therapy.  

In her x-rays she has a metal plate with four screws on the place where her doctor broke her leg.  The rod is against her femur and there are three screws holding the plate to the bone.  There is also another screw in her leg that holds the bone together where he cut her femur.  
She has one screw in her hip, and this is to hold the bone together where he cut her hip bone.  

From the x-rays we took, Dr. Paley let us know that the bones were healing nicely.  We could resume her physical therapy.  We were very excited!  After all that had been going on I longed to see my girl walk and run as she used to.  I knew that with Rory’s strength and will power she would be walking before the doctors expected her to.  

Friday, March 22, 2013

Photo Friday!

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Flash Back Friday!  Rory's baby picture, coming home from the hospital!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thank You!

Pin It I would like to thank everyone out there for all of the support you have given to Rory and our family.  It is so nice knowing that Rory has so many people who care about her.   The letters, emails, packages, they are all amazing, and mean so much to us.

I will try to keep everyone updated on her status as much as possible.  Just know that right now she is doing well.  She has no idea that something is wrong.  She is walking on her leg, however her knee is constantly bent.

Knowing that we have everyone looking out for Rory is amazing- I know that whatever the future holds for her will be "do-able" with all the love and support she has from her friends and family.

Thank you.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mid-January Christmas Fun

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We got home mid January, but I was still really into the holidays.  I wanted to give Rory the holiday’s she deserved.  So when we got home, I made sure to give her a good holiday.  

We started with something I had been longing for: cookies!  In Florida I would have killed for a Christmas Cookie, so we made cookies and gingerbread houses.  Rory was excited.

I got even funnier looks than I normally do, singing Christmas carols and wearing Christmas clothing in mid january.  Im pretty sure we were the only house who kept up our christmas decorations up too.   I didn’t care, Rory was happy.

We planned on having our "Christmas" soon. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Current Rory Update!

Pin It I figured since I have all the surgery blogging done (I will still update you on our Christmas and other happenings), I should update you all on her condition.  She is trying to walk and gets better and better each day.  However, when she walks, she she will not straighten her leg.  Her knee is always bent.

I wasn't sure if this was normal, especially with her surgeries- she had to stop her physical therapy in-between surgery #2 and #4.  We have been doing physical therapy here and Jon and I do her straightening stretches with her at night, but the leg doesn't straighten.  Its hard doing the straightening stretches, because she has no idea why we are "hurting" her leg.

Fearful that something could be wrong, I emailed her doctor and informed her of her recovery.  I learned that her leg should not be like this, she should have full range of motion by now.  So, last week we took x-rays and sent them to her doctor.

We are now going to get some tests and x-rays done here and sending them to Dr. Paley.  It's pretty hard for me to do much of anything at 38 weeks pregnant.  Here is a photo of her getting her leg measured.  It is as straight as she can get it.


Instead of our "learning" times in the morning, we have walking times.  We go everywhere in the morning and afternoon and walk around.  We will walk around stores with her shopping cart, push her dolls in her stroller, and go to playgrounds.  I wish I wasn't 9 months pregnant, I could play with her more at the playground.

Seeing her walk the way she does breaks my heart every day.  I hate that my daughter has had to go through everything she has.  I would do anything, literally anything, to take her place.  Luckily, she has a beautiful smile on her face and is happy, that is all I can ask for now.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Finally home from Florida!!!

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Discharged with her favorite nurse "Lauren"

We finally were discharged from the hospital, and could not wait to get back to hotel home.  As soon as we got back to the hotel Rory couldn't stop looking at herself in the mirror, gurgles was gone.   She was so excited to be “gurgles free” she was scooting around the floor and looking at her leg in the mirror- it was so cute.
Bath time

I was so excited to see her scoot.  She hasn’t been able to move in so long, she was so happy to move on her own!  
We got ready for our trip home.  Because Rory still had a bandage on, we still couldn’t give her a bath, so we had to take sponge baths.  Tonight was the best one yet, she loved the bubbly soap.  We then packed our bags and eagerly awaited our early fight!
Rudolph stickers
The next morning we were up bright and early for our flight, and it was well worth it!  Rory loved riding in her stroller without gurgles attached to her, and she didn’t have to wear her cast.  She wanted to put her cast on, it was still a “safety net” for her, but we thought it may be easier to stroll her around with out it.  We did put her cast on when we were on the plane.  

The plane ride was long...but that was because we couldn't wait to get home!  To make the flight more fun, we got out our “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Stickers,” and of course marshmallows!  We finally got home...We were SO excited!  
Our surgeries were over, we could become somewhat normal!   

Friday, March 15, 2013

Photo Friday!

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She wanted to take her own picture today!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shamrock Eggs!

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Many of you know how irish my family is.  We LOVE St. Patricks day and everything that goes along with it.  We decorate the house, tell Irish stories, and my favorite: eating irish food!  Rory will, or course, help make all the food; however, today the food was for her.  We decided to have shamrock eggs for breakfast! 

Materials Needed:
green pepper
cooking equipment
Cheese (optional)

These are simple to make and delicious to eat!  Turn your green pepper on its side, and cut it into sections.  We cut ours about 3/4 of an inch.  Depending on what your green pepper looks like, it will either be a 3 leaf or a 4 leaf shamrock.  

Next, get a pan nice and hot.  When the pan is hot, add your green pepper shamrock.   crack an egg in it.  Add salt and pepper if needed, and let it cook for a few minuets.  Flip it over and cook it on the other side.  At this point we added cheese.

Now you have your delicious Shamrock eggs!  Happy St. Patrick’s day

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rory's 4th and Final Surgery!!!

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It was finally time for her last surgery.  I had complete mixed emotions about everything: I was excited  because I knew we could leave Florida soon and go home, but destroyed that my daughter would have to have another surgery.  IT was all bittersweet.
surgery morning
That morning we woke up early again, she knew exactly what was happening.  We did the whole “morning before the surgery routine,” and she didn’t want to be there almost as much as we did.  We broke out the ipad and watched whatever movies she wanted to, before she had to go back with her dad and get her anesthesia.  
Thank God for the ipad!
They took her back on time today, and of course I lost it.   It never gets easy seeing your baby go back for surgery.  Even now as I am writing about it, Im feeling sick to my stomach.  
Jon and I waited.  This surgery would hopefully be her shortest one.  Dr. Paley was going to remove the wound vac, remove the stitches on the bottom portion of her leg, make sure her wound is clean, and finally stitch up her open wound.   
Stitches removed from her lower leg
The nurse called me back, and I heard her voice again as I entered the recovery room.  This time she was screaming.  She was completely hysterical.  She was trying to pull herself out of her hospital bed and kept screaming that she wanted to go home.  She had her cast off, and then started screaming to put her cast back on.
finally calming down
Dr. Paley came to talk to me about the procedure and her recovery.  All I could hear was Rory screaming, so I really only heard him say that she could have the cast off a lot now, and that she would need to stay in the hospital one more night.  I felt bad because I wasn’t listening to him with Rory freaking out so much.  The nurses gave her a sedative and she finally calmed down, but by that time Dr. Paley had left.
She woke up in her hospital bed, and immediately asked for a marshmallow.  We spent a fortune on the “Whole Foods” vegan marshmallows because that was all she wanted to eat!  We tried to keep her as happy as we could.  Thankfully she recovered from this procedure and was normal Rory rather quickly.
Getting to normal!!!!
We spent the night in the hospital, our last night in the hospital...and we couldn't wait to get back to hotel home and then back to our real home!   

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Florida Visitors!!!!

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The wound vac changes continued....and after the last change with her allergic reaction we knew that Rory would need a “picker-uper” for this next change.  Close to the hospital was a Whole Foods, where we got Rory’s cupcake last time.  We also found another little jewel, vegetarian marshmallows.  

Although to some this may seem like nothing, but Rory was watching the “Lorax” religiously since we were in Florida without her toys, and there is a big part in the movie with marshmallows.  Since our family is vegetarian, she has never had one before.  We were so excited!!!
She loved the marshmallows!

That morning, Jon and I made a letter from the “Fat Barbaloot” from the movie. When we pulled up to the hospital she started freaking out as normal, we broke out the marshmallows.  It was so worth it- she was completely flabbergasted!  She coudn’t believe that the fat Barbaloot got her marshmallows!  It definitely helped with the drive in to the wound vac change.  

During the wound vac....not sure it helped as much....but she loved the marshmallows, and between the two of us, we couldn't stop eating the bag! 

still eating marshmallows after the wound vac change!
The same day in Florida, we got the most wonderful surprise.  Our best friend Kelly and her daughter Mackenzie were in Orlando, which is about 3 or so hours away, and they wanted to come and visit us.  We had a wound vac change that morning but were very anxious to see her.  

Not only would it perk her up to see them but it would perk me and Jon up too.   My mom and dad were able to come down for her first surgery on Dec. 4th; but since it it was the holiday season flights were $700 one way, and I didn’t want my parents to spend that much money to come down and see us.  So the fact that Kelly and Mackenzie were in Florida was music to our ears.  

They had such an insane schedule, but managed to rent a car for a day to drive 3 hours hours just to see us for 3 hours and then drive back to their hotel in Orlando and return the rental car.  IT was the nicest surprise!  

Although Rory was still out of sorts, it was such a great break from our crazy routine.  

I couldn't ask for better friends....I couldn't believe they drove all that way and rented a car just to see us for a few hours!  

Monday, March 11, 2013

Passing time before the next surgery....

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The waiting for the next surgery to happen was brutal, every day was just another day in Florida.  Rory was sick of being there, and Jon and myself were no different.  “Hotel Home” was weighing on us, it wasn’t just Rory that needed to get out of the hotel either, Jon and I had to get out of the hotel room too.  For the whole trip, we would take turns going to the gym in the hotel every day.  I swear one lady thought I was psychotic because I would be running on the treadmill in tears.  
We knew the gym wouldn't help with Rory’s cabin fever, so we had to go a different route.  Jon noticed stray cats outside our hotel.  We looked for them almost every day, but never say them.  Until one day....Rory saw one!  She named him “Bruce,” and Bruce is still talked about in our house almost every day.
walking around the hotel looking for Bruce's "destruction"

We made a “game” of Bruce.  We would wake up almost every day and go for a stroller ride around the hotel (only around the hotel, the hotel and hospital were literally in the worst possible neighborhood in all of West Palm Beach).  We would see palm trees knocked down and tell Rory that, “Bruce did that,” or dog prints on the sidewalk, or a big puddle of water would be, “Bruce peed there.”  
Rory loved it.  Daily, we would look for the destruction Bruce would cause.  
mail time
Another thing that helped Rory was getting the mail.  My parents and sisters would send almost daily packages and letters to the hotel.  Rory still talks about the color books and the books that, “Mimi sent at hotel home.”  
one of her presents was sunglasses from her cousin, Shannon!  she loves sunglasses!
She got a book and CD called, “Bad Kitty,” from my sister Lauren that quickly turned into one of her new favorites.  We listened to the book on CD in the car and read the book non stop.  It was all little things (Since they knew we couldn't bring a lot of stuff back home with us,) but it was all things Rory loved and would play with at home.  
daddy reading "Bad Kitty" book....he even liked it the first few times we read it
It made her smile, and that is all we could ask for.  I am very blessed to have such a great family to send stuff. 

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