Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Current Rory Update!

Pin It I figured since I have all the surgery blogging done (I will still update you on our Christmas and other happenings), I should update you all on her condition.  She is trying to walk and gets better and better each day.  However, when she walks, she she will not straighten her leg.  Her knee is always bent.

I wasn't sure if this was normal, especially with her surgeries- she had to stop her physical therapy in-between surgery #2 and #4.  We have been doing physical therapy here and Jon and I do her straightening stretches with her at night, but the leg doesn't straighten.  Its hard doing the straightening stretches, because she has no idea why we are "hurting" her leg.

Fearful that something could be wrong, I emailed her doctor and informed her of her recovery.  I learned that her leg should not be like this, she should have full range of motion by now.  So, last week we took x-rays and sent them to her doctor.

We are now going to get some tests and x-rays done here and sending them to Dr. Paley.  It's pretty hard for me to do much of anything at 38 weeks pregnant.  Here is a photo of her getting her leg measured.  It is as straight as she can get it.


Instead of our "learning" times in the morning, we have walking times.  We go everywhere in the morning and afternoon and walk around.  We will walk around stores with her shopping cart, push her dolls in her stroller, and go to playgrounds.  I wish I wasn't 9 months pregnant, I could play with her more at the playground.

Seeing her walk the way she does breaks my heart every day.  I hate that my daughter has had to go through everything she has.  I would do anything, literally anything, to take her place.  Luckily, she has a beautiful smile on her face and is happy, that is all I can ask for now.

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