Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Cupcakes!

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Easter is coming!  Due to the fact that Rory is still recovering from her surgery and still having issues with her legs, I am not nearly as prepared for EAster as I should be.   However, we still have neighbors and friends who need sweet treats, and Rory and I still need to bake!  

We are going to make Easter bunnies and basket cupcakes!

Materials Needed:

  • cake mix and ingredients needed to make the cake (I hate using cake mix, but due to our hectic schedule and the fact that I am very pregnant, cake mix is easy and is what we are going to use!)
  • Jelly beans
  • coconut
  • food coloring
  • frosting (again, we used canned)

Make the cupcakes as you normally would.  While they are in the oven baking, you can make the coconut.  I used yellow food coloring for the chicks and green food coloring for the easter baskets.  Put some coconut in a bowl and add a few drops of yellow food coloring, repeat this with the green food coloring.  Rory loved to stir up the colors, she actually wanted to make colored coconut with all the colors!  

When the cupcakes are all finished baking let the cool.  Then add frosting as you would any normal cupcakes.  Then have your child dip the frosted cupcakes in the colored coconut.  (If there is not enough coconut on the cupcakes, please feel free to put some more on!)

Then its fun time- decorating the chick faces!  Rory loved putting the jelly beans as eyes and one orange bean as the nose.  We made this into a learning game, for the eyes Rory had to find two of the same colored beans.   For the Easter Basket cupcakes, I would tell her to hunt for certain jelly bean colors, and she would have to find them. 

Its pretty easy, fun, and everyone loves them!

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