Monday, March 4, 2013

Florida during the holidays....

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The next few days most everything was closed for the holiday week.  We still had her wound changes every other day.  I thought maybe the first wound change would be the worst, but it wasn’t.  They were all bad and got worse each time we had them.  We would drive up to the hospital and she would start freaking out, it was awful.  She knew exactly what was going on.  I dreaded them, but her wound was looking better.  
The wound looking better!
We had no idea what to do with Rory in Florida.  There was the normal “touristy” things people do like the zoo and a drive through lion safari, but I didn't’ want to do any of that with the state Rory was in.  One day she would be really into it and the next day she would not even want to get in the car.  I couldn’t pay $60 for a trip that may last 5 minuets.  

So we had to think on our feet.  We frequented all the pet-co’s in town, one day actually going to three of them.   Rory perked up when she would see the animals at pet co.  We knew she was homesick and just wanted to see her dogs and cats.  One afternoon after a wound change we went to an animal shelter and asked if we could be volunteers.

This kitty loved Rory's wound vac cord!
We explained to them our situation, and that animals perk her up and we really think they will help her mood.  The shelter makes all volunteers go through a two week training process, but seemed sympathetic to our situation.  We were allowed to come back as much as we wanted (and we literally came back almost every day.)  

she loved naming all the cats, the names included; Snowball, Asbestus (who knows where this name came from), Marshmallow, and Susie Dumptruck
Rory perked up immediately when we went to the shelter.  She loved seeing the cats the most.  She laughed at them because they would all try to get “gurgles” (her wound vac) cords.  We would go into all the kitty rooms and pet the cats daily.  The dogs scared her a little bit, most of them were pit bull mixes and they had loud barks, but we would go to see them if she asked.

We would do anything to get a smile on her face, even if that meant spending our days at petco and animal shelters.  

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