Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Florida Visitors!!!!

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The wound vac changes continued....and after the last change with her allergic reaction we knew that Rory would need a “picker-uper” for this next change.  Close to the hospital was a Whole Foods, where we got Rory’s cupcake last time.  We also found another little jewel, vegetarian marshmallows.  

Although to some this may seem like nothing, but Rory was watching the “Lorax” religiously since we were in Florida without her toys, and there is a big part in the movie with marshmallows.  Since our family is vegetarian, she has never had one before.  We were so excited!!!
She loved the marshmallows!

That morning, Jon and I made a letter from the “Fat Barbaloot” from the movie. When we pulled up to the hospital she started freaking out as normal, we broke out the marshmallows.  It was so worth it- she was completely flabbergasted!  She coudn’t believe that the fat Barbaloot got her marshmallows!  It definitely helped with the drive in to the wound vac change.  

During the wound vac....not sure it helped as much....but she loved the marshmallows, and between the two of us, we couldn't stop eating the bag! 

still eating marshmallows after the wound vac change!
The same day in Florida, we got the most wonderful surprise.  Our best friend Kelly and her daughter Mackenzie were in Orlando, which is about 3 or so hours away, and they wanted to come and visit us.  We had a wound vac change that morning but were very anxious to see her.  

Not only would it perk her up to see them but it would perk me and Jon up too.   My mom and dad were able to come down for her first surgery on Dec. 4th; but since it it was the holiday season flights were $700 one way, and I didn’t want my parents to spend that much money to come down and see us.  So the fact that Kelly and Mackenzie were in Florida was music to our ears.  

They had such an insane schedule, but managed to rent a car for a day to drive 3 hours hours just to see us for 3 hours and then drive back to their hotel in Orlando and return the rental car.  IT was the nicest surprise!  

Although Rory was still out of sorts, it was such a great break from our crazy routine.  

I couldn't ask for better friends....I couldn't believe they drove all that way and rented a car just to see us for a few hours!  

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