Monday, March 11, 2013

Passing time before the next surgery....

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The waiting for the next surgery to happen was brutal, every day was just another day in Florida.  Rory was sick of being there, and Jon and myself were no different.  “Hotel Home” was weighing on us, it wasn’t just Rory that needed to get out of the hotel either, Jon and I had to get out of the hotel room too.  For the whole trip, we would take turns going to the gym in the hotel every day.  I swear one lady thought I was psychotic because I would be running on the treadmill in tears.  
We knew the gym wouldn't help with Rory’s cabin fever, so we had to go a different route.  Jon noticed stray cats outside our hotel.  We looked for them almost every day, but never say them.  Until one day....Rory saw one!  She named him “Bruce,” and Bruce is still talked about in our house almost every day.
walking around the hotel looking for Bruce's "destruction"

We made a “game” of Bruce.  We would wake up almost every day and go for a stroller ride around the hotel (only around the hotel, the hotel and hospital were literally in the worst possible neighborhood in all of West Palm Beach).  We would see palm trees knocked down and tell Rory that, “Bruce did that,” or dog prints on the sidewalk, or a big puddle of water would be, “Bruce peed there.”  
Rory loved it.  Daily, we would look for the destruction Bruce would cause.  
mail time
Another thing that helped Rory was getting the mail.  My parents and sisters would send almost daily packages and letters to the hotel.  Rory still talks about the color books and the books that, “Mimi sent at hotel home.”  
one of her presents was sunglasses from her cousin, Shannon!  she loves sunglasses!
She got a book and CD called, “Bad Kitty,” from my sister Lauren that quickly turned into one of her new favorites.  We listened to the book on CD in the car and read the book non stop.  It was all little things (Since they knew we couldn't bring a lot of stuff back home with us,) but it was all things Rory loved and would play with at home.  
daddy reading "Bad Kitty" book....he even liked it the first few times we read it
It made her smile, and that is all we could ask for.  I am very blessed to have such a great family to send stuff. 

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