Monday, March 25, 2013

Post Op- X-Rays

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On the 15th of January we got Rory’s post-op x-rays.  These were sent to Dr. Paley so he could look at everything and give us the “ok” to resume physical therapy.  

In her x-rays she has a metal plate with four screws on the place where her doctor broke her leg.  The rod is against her femur and there are three screws holding the plate to the bone.  There is also another screw in her leg that holds the bone together where he cut her femur.  
She has one screw in her hip, and this is to hold the bone together where he cut her hip bone.  

From the x-rays we took, Dr. Paley let us know that the bones were healing nicely.  We could resume her physical therapy.  We were very excited!  After all that had been going on I longed to see my girl walk and run as she used to.  I knew that with Rory’s strength and will power she would be walking before the doctors expected her to.  

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