Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rory's 4th and Final Surgery!!!

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It was finally time for her last surgery.  I had complete mixed emotions about everything: I was excited  because I knew we could leave Florida soon and go home, but destroyed that my daughter would have to have another surgery.  IT was all bittersweet.
surgery morning
That morning we woke up early again, she knew exactly what was happening.  We did the whole “morning before the surgery routine,” and she didn’t want to be there almost as much as we did.  We broke out the ipad and watched whatever movies she wanted to, before she had to go back with her dad and get her anesthesia.  
Thank God for the ipad!
They took her back on time today, and of course I lost it.   It never gets easy seeing your baby go back for surgery.  Even now as I am writing about it, Im feeling sick to my stomach.  
Jon and I waited.  This surgery would hopefully be her shortest one.  Dr. Paley was going to remove the wound vac, remove the stitches on the bottom portion of her leg, make sure her wound is clean, and finally stitch up her open wound.   
Stitches removed from her lower leg
The nurse called me back, and I heard her voice again as I entered the recovery room.  This time she was screaming.  She was completely hysterical.  She was trying to pull herself out of her hospital bed and kept screaming that she wanted to go home.  She had her cast off, and then started screaming to put her cast back on.
finally calming down
Dr. Paley came to talk to me about the procedure and her recovery.  All I could hear was Rory screaming, so I really only heard him say that she could have the cast off a lot now, and that she would need to stay in the hospital one more night.  I felt bad because I wasn’t listening to him with Rory freaking out so much.  The nurses gave her a sedative and she finally calmed down, but by that time Dr. Paley had left.
She woke up in her hospital bed, and immediately asked for a marshmallow.  We spent a fortune on the “Whole Foods” vegan marshmallows because that was all she wanted to eat!  We tried to keep her as happy as we could.  Thankfully she recovered from this procedure and was normal Rory rather quickly.
Getting to normal!!!!
We spent the night in the hospital, our last night in the hospital...and we couldn't wait to get back to hotel home and then back to our real home!   

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