Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wound Vac Change Problems!

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We had the wound vac changes every other day.  They did not get easier with time.  Before one wound change we noticed that Rory had a rash on her stomach.  Rory has always had “Skin” issues, ever since she was a baby; her skin has been extremely sensitive to everything.  We thought about what it could have been, the only thing we thought of was that she ate strawberries recently.

Rory has eaten strawberries before, but with all of her surgeries and everything going on in that little body of hers, it could have caused a reaction.  We stopped feeding her strawberries for the rest of the day in hopes that she would be ok for her wound vac change the next day.
We pulled up to the hospital the next day, and the same thing happened: Rory began freaking out.  We checked in, went to the room, put on the Lorax, and started the wound vac change process.  We did the same thing we always did, the doctors used the same materials; however, for some reason when she used the adhesive remover to remove the tape on her leg, Rory got a huge allergic reaction!

I was so worried about her, the wound was open and she was getting bumps all over the place.  It looked painful, but we didn’t know how much pain she was in because the wound vac process was painful enough for her.  Luckily, the wound care clinic was right next to Dr. Paley’s clinic and we had one of the doctors come and look at it.  
Apparently Rory “grew” an allergic reaction to the adhesive remover, and the next time they use the adhesive remover the reaction would grow worse and worse.  
From this point on, we had to remove her wound vac by “flushing” it out.  They would put more and more water into her tubing so that her wound vac would “pop” off.  It was not fun, but it kept the rash away!   
To help with having such a hard day....she got a cupcake....a big real full fat, full sugar cupcake!  and she loved it!

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  1. awww this is so sad to read. I'm happy that she'd doing better. You are amazing. I would be half passing out look at the wound. CJ had his legs straightened a few years back and under the bandage his leg was rubbing. He had almost rubbed a hole down to the bone. It was about the size of a quarter and I near passed out looking at it.




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