Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Physical Therapy Progress!

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Although we have a new born in the house, which is difficult on its own; we also have a crazy toddler; which again is difficult on its own....but on top of everythign we have a crazy toddler who is still rehabilitating from her surgeries- and it is difficult!

Rorys favorite is getting to use the treadmill!
Rory is currently going to physical therapy as much as possible- 4 times a week (the office is only open four days a week).  We also do our physical therapy homework three times a day at home for 30-45 min each time, depending on how sore her leg is or how fussy she is).  We will do everything we can to keep her from screaming during our "Stretches," and lately that is playing with the ipad or watching the Lion King!
Rory on the big swing (one of her favorites)

She doesn't mind her physical therapy either.  We to make it as fun as possible.  She has two physical therapist and I couldn't be more happier with either of them.   They let her play with toys and I sit on the sidelines cheering her on as much as I can.  Zin is there too, and she loves when I have Zin help and play too.


As of today, her leg has straightened by 15 degrees!  We still have 10 more degrees to go, but I have no doubt in my mind she can do it!  I am so proud of her- she has had such a hard time and is such a trooper with everything.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sick Bug!

Pin It Rory was sick this yesterday morning. She woke up throwing up and continued to throw up throughout the whole morning. It was so difficult with Zin too!
Rory has never thrown up like that before, normally she would throw up pnce- maybe twice- and be done but this time she was throwing up and throwing up throwing up. The only thing worse than this was her going to surgery. I just feel so bad when it looked you with those innocent eyes and see they are hurting.
I had flashbacks of Florida today when she started feeling better and wanted to eat and drink. It reminded me of the second surgery she had and how she had to wait until after the surgery to eat and drink and she didn't go in surgery until 11:30 AM when she was up at 6 AM. Todau She ate drink a little bit but would almost instantly throw things up, it was awful.
However in the afternoon she perked up. I could tell by the way she was acting, the color in her face, and the fact that she was not super warn! . She ran up and give me hugs- It was wonderful! I think she's on the mend now and all is clear!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Photo Friday!

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rory's Hospital reaction when Zin was born

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I went to the hospital around 12:30am on a Monday night.  Luckily, we had our friend come over and watch Rory while she was sleeping.  I was nervous about her waking up and not having me or Jon there, but she did really well.   I had our friend take her to her physical therapy appointment in the morning so things would be somewhat normal, and her physical therapy is right next to the hospital so I had her stop by on her way.

I was unsure how Rory would act seeing me in the hospital bed.  At first she just got a strange look in her eye.  She saw my catheter and said, "Mommy, I had one of those when I was in surgery."  She sat by me but didn't make eye contact with me or look at me at all. She was hesitant to give me a hug before she left for her physical therapy. I felt bad, I know she was reminded of her time in Florida.
before Zin came....

When she came back from physical therapy Zin was born.  although she was very concerned with the small baby in the room, she looked at me and i could tell she was concerned with me being on the hospital bed. I reassured her I was ok, and she got to meet her sister. The look in her eyes was priceless- she looked at me like, "these people were't kidding, this new baby is real."  

meeting Zin
After she met her new sister, they took Zin away for a bath and her heat lamp and Rory was able to stay with me. She reverted to Florida behavior immediately. She laid with me in the bed, held my hand, and asked to watch the Lorax on the iPad. She was quiet, but would occasionally talk to me about things that were similar with this hospital and when she had her surgery. 
Things got better when we switched rooms and I wasn't hooked up to all the machines!

She has a good memory, but I'm hoping as she gets older the memories of Florida and her surgeries will fade.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Photo Friday!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our New baby!

Pin It We have a new baby in the house! We welcomed our Zin last week and she is amazing. She currently has her days and nights mixed up, but hopefully we can get her on track soon. Rory is a great big sister. She gets really excited for diaper changes! It's also been a hard adjustment for Rory, which I will go in detail with more later- right now I've got 2 beautiful girls napping and I'm going to join them!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Little Gym Post Op

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She goes to Little Gym too- the people there have been nothing less than wonderful.  Rory has been going to Little Gym since she was 4 months and is very comfortable there.  All of the workers know Rory and her condition.  They are more than welcoming to have her in their classes.  After her surgery, her gym teachers were concerned with her recovery and making the equipment and the activities they did would not hurt her leg or hinder her recovery.  

First time walkign after surgery
Normally at the gym, all the kids and parents remove their shoes, however; they let her wear her shoes in the gym.  We have to clean them each time before class, but we don’t mind.  I think its great that they welcome her into the gym and let her attend all the classes.  
Post-op, the Gym has been a complete blessing for us.  They have bars there that she could hold on to and walk.  I remember seeing her use the bars and doing “assisted walking” for the first time- it literally brought tears in my eyes!

Rory took her first steps post-op at the Little Gym.  She uses her leg so well there and she doesn’t even know she is doing part of her physical therapy!  Normally at Little Gym you can only go 2 times a week, but we have so many make up classes we go 3 times a week, or until her knee is straight.
Walking better each time!

I was in no way shape or form asked or compensated to write this post- I just wanted to share our experience of the little gym with everyone.  I really do appreciated what they have done for Rory and the milestones she has accomplished there post-op are unbelievable.  

Friday, April 5, 2013

Photo Friday!

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This face cracks me up!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Post-op fears: Nightmares

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Another issue that happened that I didn’t think about was sleeping.  I thought sleeping in her own room would be more comforting for her, and then when she got the “ok” to be without her cast I was nervous putting her into her bed, but I thought she would sleep better, but I was wrong.  She still had nightmares.  

It didn’t matter if she was down for a small nap or for the whole night, she had night mares.  There would be times where I would be in her room 6 times in one night, or I would just sleep in her room with her because she would wake up sweating and screaming.  There were even times she would wake up and be so scared and worked up she would start vomiting.  I knew as soon as I heard the “tone” in her cry if it was a “vomit” cry or not.  

  Even today, she will still wake up with nightmares.  I always know when it is a nightmare because she will wake up and tell me “her leg hurts” or “my leg, my leg.”  They come and go too, some weeks she will be fine and other weeks (like this week)she will wake up screaming and I will end up sleeping in her room.  

Before we left for Florida, Rory was a potty chair queen.  I was so amazed at how quickly and how often she would use her potty.  When we came home, the potty chair was not an option for her.  She preferred to wear diapers over her underwear.  When she would put her underwear on she would say that they elastic “hurt her tattoo.”

I finally had to “bribe” her with some mini m&m’s. She currently goes in the potty, and is doing quite well, but I am not going to force it too much- I know once her new sister comes she may go back to using her diaper again.  I am just happy that she decided to use it again.

She is doing well- I could not be more proud of her.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Post-op Fears: bathing

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Coming home from the surgeries, I knew things wouldn’t be completely normal, but I thought most things would be normal.  There were a few things I completely overlooked.  Certain things, that were once normal in our routine, were now horrifying to Rory; like getting a bath, using her potty chair, and sleeping.

First Bath!
I think her fear of bathing went back to after her first surgery.  Whens she had her removable cast, we got the “ok” from doctors to bathe her.  We weren’t sure how to do this since her leg hurt her so much, so to make it safe and easier for us all either Jon or myself would get into a swimsuit and lay in a tub of water.  Then whoever wasn’t laying in the tub got Rory out of her cast and laid her on top of the parent in the water.  The parent in the water held on to the leg because Rory was hysterical, and the parent outside the tub was the washer.   Baths were really hard, but we had to give them to her.  

At home the fear continued.  Even though her leg was stronger and she could scoot it around on the floor, she didn’t want anything to do with the bathtub.  As soon as I would run the water she would scream with fear.  Finally I got her to get in the tub by telling her that I needed help in the bath.  I put on my swimsuit and poured a small bath.  Rory was on the outside of the tub and really wanted to help wash my arms, and play with the bubbles.  However, every time I asked her if she wanted to come in she refused.  

I finally started splashing and pretending like I was having the funnest time of my life.  She loved this.  I slowly got her to take off her shirt because it was “getting wet from all the splashes.”  Before she knew what was happening, she was splashing in the bath and I was outside the tub.  I had to do this the first few baths she took, but her fear of bathing finally ended.  

Monday, April 1, 2013

Rory Update!

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Rory update!  We will be going back to Florida- however with me over 40 weeks pregnant and due any day, we have to wait for the baby to be born before we go anywhere.  Rory’s leg is still not straightening as it should.  We have been working SO hard at getting her leg to straighten like it used to.  We go to physical therapy three times a week, and have our “home therapy” three times a day.  She also goes to Little Gym three times a week, because she will use her leg at the little gym so much more than she will in therapy (I will discuss Little Gym later)!  She also will get her dynasplint this week to wear at night.

At home therapy consists of stretches.  Rory has gotten better at her stretches.  I will put on a TV show, which is something she normally doesn’t get.  She also likes it when I use lotion.  When the stretches start to hurt (and normally it is her knee), I will massage her knee and she really likes that.   I try to make it as “fun” as possible for her, I get out her stretch sheet and let her pick which stretch she wants (however, I end up doing what we need to do, she just likes to feel like she is in charge).  One session normally takes 40 minuets, so she gets excited when she gets to watch tv or a movie for a little bit.  We do them morning, noon, and night.

Here is how straight her leg will go.
She does well at her physical therapy.  She likes it most days because they have a room like the Little Gym where she can swing, slide, and play in the balls.  We did have physical therapy where a her physical therapist came into our house 3 times a week, but Rory hated it when her physical therapist came over.  At her new pt, she likes it because they have new toys and its a new place.  She is also used to me and her dad cranking on her leg with stretches, so the physical therapist isn't’ so bad!  

The dynasplint will come this week.  She will wear it at night.  It will help her leg remain straight while she is sleeping.  it may not be the most comfortable thing, but I am desperate to try anything to help her.  Since we have been working like beasts at her stretches her leg has gained 5 degrees!  It is slow progress, but it is progress!  It is so hard because she wonders why “mommy and daddy are doing this to me,” and has no idea that it is good for her.  It is hard on us too, I don't’ like doing the stretches and hearing her in pain, but I know we have to for her recovery.  I know I say it al the time, but I am so proud of her!  


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