Monday, April 8, 2013

Little Gym Post Op

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She goes to Little Gym too- the people there have been nothing less than wonderful.  Rory has been going to Little Gym since she was 4 months and is very comfortable there.  All of the workers know Rory and her condition.  They are more than welcoming to have her in their classes.  After her surgery, her gym teachers were concerned with her recovery and making the equipment and the activities they did would not hurt her leg or hinder her recovery.  

First time walkign after surgery
Normally at the gym, all the kids and parents remove their shoes, however; they let her wear her shoes in the gym.  We have to clean them each time before class, but we don’t mind.  I think its great that they welcome her into the gym and let her attend all the classes.  
Post-op, the Gym has been a complete blessing for us.  They have bars there that she could hold on to and walk.  I remember seeing her use the bars and doing “assisted walking” for the first time- it literally brought tears in my eyes!

Rory took her first steps post-op at the Little Gym.  She uses her leg so well there and she doesn’t even know she is doing part of her physical therapy!  Normally at Little Gym you can only go 2 times a week, but we have so many make up classes we go 3 times a week, or until her knee is straight.
Walking better each time!

I was in no way shape or form asked or compensated to write this post- I just wanted to share our experience of the little gym with everyone.  I really do appreciated what they have done for Rory and the milestones she has accomplished there post-op are unbelievable.  

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