Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Post-op fears: Nightmares

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Another issue that happened that I didn’t think about was sleeping.  I thought sleeping in her own room would be more comforting for her, and then when she got the “ok” to be without her cast I was nervous putting her into her bed, but I thought she would sleep better, but I was wrong.  She still had nightmares.  

It didn’t matter if she was down for a small nap or for the whole night, she had night mares.  There would be times where I would be in her room 6 times in one night, or I would just sleep in her room with her because she would wake up sweating and screaming.  There were even times she would wake up and be so scared and worked up she would start vomiting.  I knew as soon as I heard the “tone” in her cry if it was a “vomit” cry or not.  

  Even today, she will still wake up with nightmares.  I always know when it is a nightmare because she will wake up and tell me “her leg hurts” or “my leg, my leg.”  They come and go too, some weeks she will be fine and other weeks (like this week)she will wake up screaming and I will end up sleeping in her room.  

Before we left for Florida, Rory was a potty chair queen.  I was so amazed at how quickly and how often she would use her potty.  When we came home, the potty chair was not an option for her.  She preferred to wear diapers over her underwear.  When she would put her underwear on she would say that they elastic “hurt her tattoo.”

I finally had to “bribe” her with some mini m&m’s. She currently goes in the potty, and is doing quite well, but I am not going to force it too much- I know once her new sister comes she may go back to using her diaper again.  I am just happy that she decided to use it again.

She is doing well- I could not be more proud of her.

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