Monday, April 1, 2013

Rory Update!

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Rory update!  We will be going back to Florida- however with me over 40 weeks pregnant and due any day, we have to wait for the baby to be born before we go anywhere.  Rory’s leg is still not straightening as it should.  We have been working SO hard at getting her leg to straighten like it used to.  We go to physical therapy three times a week, and have our “home therapy” three times a day.  She also goes to Little Gym three times a week, because she will use her leg at the little gym so much more than she will in therapy (I will discuss Little Gym later)!  She also will get her dynasplint this week to wear at night.

At home therapy consists of stretches.  Rory has gotten better at her stretches.  I will put on a TV show, which is something she normally doesn’t get.  She also likes it when I use lotion.  When the stretches start to hurt (and normally it is her knee), I will massage her knee and she really likes that.   I try to make it as “fun” as possible for her, I get out her stretch sheet and let her pick which stretch she wants (however, I end up doing what we need to do, she just likes to feel like she is in charge).  One session normally takes 40 minuets, so she gets excited when she gets to watch tv or a movie for a little bit.  We do them morning, noon, and night.

Here is how straight her leg will go.
She does well at her physical therapy.  She likes it most days because they have a room like the Little Gym where she can swing, slide, and play in the balls.  We did have physical therapy where a her physical therapist came into our house 3 times a week, but Rory hated it when her physical therapist came over.  At her new pt, she likes it because they have new toys and its a new place.  She is also used to me and her dad cranking on her leg with stretches, so the physical therapist isn't’ so bad!  

The dynasplint will come this week.  She will wear it at night.  It will help her leg remain straight while she is sleeping.  it may not be the most comfortable thing, but I am desperate to try anything to help her.  Since we have been working like beasts at her stretches her leg has gained 5 degrees!  It is slow progress, but it is progress!  It is so hard because she wonders why “mommy and daddy are doing this to me,” and has no idea that it is good for her.  It is hard on us too, I don't’ like doing the stretches and hearing her in pain, but I know we have to for her recovery.  I know I say it al the time, but I am so proud of her!  

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