Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rory's Hospital reaction when Zin was born

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I went to the hospital around 12:30am on a Monday night.  Luckily, we had our friend come over and watch Rory while she was sleeping.  I was nervous about her waking up and not having me or Jon there, but she did really well.   I had our friend take her to her physical therapy appointment in the morning so things would be somewhat normal, and her physical therapy is right next to the hospital so I had her stop by on her way.

I was unsure how Rory would act seeing me in the hospital bed.  At first she just got a strange look in her eye.  She saw my catheter and said, "Mommy, I had one of those when I was in surgery."  She sat by me but didn't make eye contact with me or look at me at all. She was hesitant to give me a hug before she left for her physical therapy. I felt bad, I know she was reminded of her time in Florida.
before Zin came....

When she came back from physical therapy Zin was born.  although she was very concerned with the small baby in the room, she looked at me and i could tell she was concerned with me being on the hospital bed. I reassured her I was ok, and she got to meet her sister. The look in her eyes was priceless- she looked at me like, "these people were't kidding, this new baby is real."  

meeting Zin
After she met her new sister, they took Zin away for a bath and her heat lamp and Rory was able to stay with me. She reverted to Florida behavior immediately. She laid with me in the bed, held my hand, and asked to watch the Lorax on the iPad. She was quiet, but would occasionally talk to me about things that were similar with this hospital and when she had her surgery. 
Things got better when we switched rooms and I wasn't hooked up to all the machines!

She has a good memory, but I'm hoping as she gets older the memories of Florida and her surgeries will fade.

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