Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sick Bug!

Pin It Rory was sick this yesterday morning. She woke up throwing up and continued to throw up throughout the whole morning. It was so difficult with Zin too!
Rory has never thrown up like that before, normally she would throw up pnce- maybe twice- and be done but this time she was throwing up and throwing up throwing up. The only thing worse than this was her going to surgery. I just feel so bad when it looked you with those innocent eyes and see they are hurting.
I had flashbacks of Florida today when she started feeling better and wanted to eat and drink. It reminded me of the second surgery she had and how she had to wait until after the surgery to eat and drink and she didn't go in surgery until 11:30 AM when she was up at 6 AM. Todau She ate drink a little bit but would almost instantly throw things up, it was awful.
However in the afternoon she perked up. I could tell by the way she was acting, the color in her face, and the fact that she was not super warn! . She ran up and give me hugs- It was wonderful! I think she's on the mend now and all is clear!

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