Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rory's getting a Dynasplint

Pin It Yesterday we were fitted for a dynasplint.  It is a straightening device for her leg that she will wear at night.  After talking to her physcial therapist I learned that sometimes the last few degrees of straightening could be the hardest, so my hopes are that the dynasplint will help. 

These Pictures are of her getting measured for her splint. This they put the sock on her and then did a Cast mold. She didn't mind the sock. But he didn't getting the cast mold off, Because some of the cast was stuck to her leg.

When Rory was in the hospital we called the blood pressure machine the "arm hug" so we are referring to her dynasplint as a "knee hug." hopefully it will ease her into wearing it a bit, since it will probably be a little awkward at first.  Because she is so small we have to get it specially made for her, many of the prosthetic places don't have one in stock that will fit her little leg.

I am quite curious to see not only how she will do with it, but also if it will help.  I wonder if this delay in her leg straightening will cause a delay in her next surgery.  Hopefully we can call her doctor and inform him soon that her leg is straightening a complete 180 degrees and he will inform us of our next steps in our CFD journey....but who knows. I am trying to be as optimistic as possible; but at the same time am so sick of seeing Rory struggling with her leg.  Sometimes it is really hard to be a mom....lets hope this dynasplint can work its magic!

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