Monday, June 24, 2013

A little piece of mind

Pin It Sorry for not posting in a while- we have been pretty hectic with moving, physical therapy, her new dynasplint, normal toddler life and our beautiful baby. Also I think i have put her blog on hold for my own piece of mind....I'm not sure what is going on with me lately, but everything with rorys leg is hitting me pretty hard lately. 

Rory asked me yesterday when zin will have to go and see Dr. Paley and I had to explain to her that Zin didn't need to see him because both of her legs are the same size.   Then, of course, asked me why her legs are different....I ask myself that every day!

I don't know what has brought the emotions on: if it is because I'm just completely sick of seeing my daughter cry during our physical therapy, her new  splint, or her reoccurring nightmares but whatever the reason Ive been in a complete crying mess about it all. I honestly think having Zin, who thank the Lord only has one doctor, has made me realize how hard things are with Rory.  Whatever the reason, I will see pictures if her surgery and cry and seeing her with her leg still not straightening is completely breaking my heart. 

Most children who had her surgery are well recovered by now and back to a "normal" cfd life of a toddler.  Rory has had a hard time and is still doing 4-5 physical therapy sessions outside the house per week, followed by three "stretching" sessions with me and dad each day, and now has a new dynasplint to help that leg get straight. It's the hardest thing for me to watch her go through all of this.   

Of course none of this seems to bother her too much.  She doesn't really like her "leg hug" but will tolerate it if we let her play on the iPad for a little bit. I just long for the day when this is all over, but I know we still have many surgeries ahead. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Beginning again with doctors...

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Rory, Daddy, and Zin at the doctor
One issue that has come up with movibg is that we have to transfer all of rorys doctors. Although her main doctor, dr Paley is in Florida and we don't have to worry about him, we do have to worry about her primary care manager, orthopaedist, prosthetic, and physical therapist.  And this has not been easy!  

We currently are going to start from scratch- with her primary care manager. Since we will be going to Florida soon, we are going to need to get referrals since our last referrals won't transfer. I found out that her new primary care manager has a physical therapy center in the same building so that should be good. 

I know in St Louis there is a Shriners Which should be good for us to have all Iof her shoes made. As for everything else...I guess we will just have to wait and see- 

I just hope everything can get done quick for rorys leg- we have to get that leg straight again!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Best part about being in the Midwest!!!

Pin It One of the best things about being back in the Midwest is that we are close to family. We are very lucky to only be about two hours from my parents, sister, cousins, and grandparents. I knew I would love being so close to them, but I had no idea Rory would like it so much!

Rory has 2 cousins (and another coming in September) and now that they are all older they love to play!  Her cousin Shannon is 5 years old and could not be any cooler to Rory. Her cousin James is only 6 months older than Rory and will do anything to make her laugh. 

This last weekend we went for a visit.   Every few minuets in the car rory would say, "I want to go to Mimi and Papas, are we at Mimi and Papa's yet?"  It got really old after a few hours!  

The whole time we were there she was inseparable from her cousin Shannon. They got along so good too, no fighting or anything (sometimes they get into big brawls too!).   They played hard too!  

This past weekend they were all about hugging, kissing, holding hands and having the most fun possible!

I think everyone likes to see Zin too. They didn't get to see Rory much as a baby, maybe a few times a year. Last time we were in town we got the car seat out of the car and before I knew it my sister had her out and was in another room with her. 

Today Rory asked me when she could go back and see her Mimi papa and Shannon. She told me they were her best friends!  It's really a treat for me to have my kids grow up around their family!  

Thursday, June 6, 2013


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The past few weeks our family moved half way across the country. We packed and moved ourselves, which we quickly learned is near impossible with a infant and a wild toddler. 

Rory was so sweet when we were packing. She wanted to pack her own bad too so she would pack random stuff in a box of everything she wanted to take with her. When she would go to sleep we reopened the box contents and found her shoes, socks, some barrettes, a couple crayons, some of her toy pots and pans, and some colorings from her cousin. We also found things we couldn't find around the house like the packaging tape and permanent markers we used to mark each box. 

We would wake up around 4am to pack and the kids would surprise us at waking up around 5. We weren't being loud, they just decided to grace us with their presence. 

It's extremely difficult to tell a toddler about moving. I wasn't sure she understood that we wouldn't be able to go to little gym anymore or see her friends. Rory kept sayin she was going to get a new house, with a new room, and a new car. We have no idea where the new car idea came from but we let her think she could get one. 

We are going to miss Virginia Beach so much!  We loved being so close to the beach and there was always something fun for families to do. We also made some great friends there who we will miss dearly.  However we are anxious for the next chapter in our lives. 

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