Thursday, June 6, 2013


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The past few weeks our family moved half way across the country. We packed and moved ourselves, which we quickly learned is near impossible with a infant and a wild toddler. 

Rory was so sweet when we were packing. She wanted to pack her own bad too so she would pack random stuff in a box of everything she wanted to take with her. When she would go to sleep we reopened the box contents and found her shoes, socks, some barrettes, a couple crayons, some of her toy pots and pans, and some colorings from her cousin. We also found things we couldn't find around the house like the packaging tape and permanent markers we used to mark each box. 

We would wake up around 4am to pack and the kids would surprise us at waking up around 5. We weren't being loud, they just decided to grace us with their presence. 

It's extremely difficult to tell a toddler about moving. I wasn't sure she understood that we wouldn't be able to go to little gym anymore or see her friends. Rory kept sayin she was going to get a new house, with a new room, and a new car. We have no idea where the new car idea came from but we let her think she could get one. 

We are going to miss Virginia Beach so much!  We loved being so close to the beach and there was always something fun for families to do. We also made some great friends there who we will miss dearly.  However we are anxious for the next chapter in our lives. 

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