Monday, July 15, 2013

Rory day at a time!

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We have had quite an eventful week and still have more to come.  

Insurance gave us the go ahead to resume physical therapy.  We are going several times a week again.  Rory is doing well, but it is still difficult.  Last week we learned that her leg has “re-gressed,”  we got her down to 10 degrees of knee flexion and now she is at 20 degrees.  

We have had so much going on with the move, Zin, and getting our physical therapy approved.  So we are now working extra hard at doing our at home stretches and wearing her “leg hug.”  It is difficult when we start stretches and Zin will need to eat or is fussy.  So we are doing the best we can.  

Poor Rory now has a sore leg because of all the stretches, therapy, and leg hug.  Her nightmares have also increased.  I would pay any amount of money to have her leg get better.  

We are looking at going back to Dr. Paley’s as soon as possible.  This week we are meeting with an orthopedist for insurance to make sure she does have CFD and get him to refer us to Dr. Paley.  All the insurance hoops are a pain, especially since we have to drive over an hour for this pediatric orthopedist.  

We are going to do what we have to do for her.  I just hope that Rory understands that this is all for her own good- we don't like it any more than she does!  Its difficult to explain to a toddler.  I hope all her pain goes away soon and we will be able to do normal kid things during the week instead of all her doctor appointments! 

She still seems pretty happy though!

Night time stretches!


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