Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fancy Friday

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Our family has recently created a mew tradition, created by Rory: Fancy Friday. Both girls have beautif dresses in their closet, however, we rarely have anywhere to go that requires us to be dressed up. So we now have Friday. Jon will even get dressed up as soon as he comes home from work, and Rory likes to pick out all of our outfits!  

On Friday we go all out, we don't just wear dresses, we fix our hair, do our nails, and anything else fancy we can think of. We even made bracelets for us all to wear each Friday.  Rory's favorite part about fancy Friday: she gets to wear any shoes she wants!

We only buy Rory shoes that can have a lift on them, but she has a 5 year old cousin, whom she adores, and she gives Rory all of her old shoes. Rory loves to wear them, so she gets to wear them all day for fancy Friday!  

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New doctor

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New location....New local doctors, and not just a pediatrician- but also an orthopedist, prosthetic/orthotic and physical therapist.  Since we are in an extremely small town we have to drive out of the area to get help.   We drove an hour the other day to meet with Rory's new orthopaedist.  I was upset that we has to drive so far, so we decided to make the " morning" out of it and have some fun.

We got there early so we took her to get a "donut" at Panera bread. Yes, I know they are bagels, but she calls them donuts and loves them, so we stopped. We also got her a croissant. She has some magnets on the fridge and one is a croissant that she always asks about, so she was excited to find out that they do exist.  
she's such a good girl!

It's funny how old habits come back to Rory when she's with a new Doctor. Before we knew it was already asking for the iPad and Marilyn.  For the most part she did really well. 

Her new orthopedist is amazing. He actually used to work with Dr. Paley long time ago on the East Coast. He told us that we were going to the right surgeon and whatever he could do to help us get us down there he would do. I could not be happier with him.

Now wears working with insurance to allow us to go back down to Florida to see Dr. Paley. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Physical Therapy Photo Friday!

Pin It It's been a while for Photo Friday!  Here she is at physical therapy doing incredible!  I really like the outfit she picked out herself too!


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