Thursday, September 5, 2013

New leg hug!!!

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We had so many issues with the old place, so when I took it and it was not super surprising was doing nothing for her leg. After working with insurance we finally were approved for a new dynasplint. We drove two hours to get Rory a new functioning leg hug. 

 We drove to meet a new orthotic/ prosthetic who informed us that we would need to go through the Dynasplint company to get an actual dynasplint.  Its taken a while, but we now have the actual Dynasplint from the Dynasplint company.  So far, all of the hassle has been worth it because  it seems to be a million times better than her old leg hug!

So last week, we took a road trip to fit  and learn how to use the dynasplint. It's so much easier to use our last one, and you can already tell that it is quite effective. We hope that this will help lengthen her leg the last few degrees. 
Getting fitted!

We were at her physical therapist yesterday and she measured 9° of knee flexion!  Although, that was with me pushing down on her leg, but I'll take what I Can get. Anything to avoid another intensive physical therapy in florida and apossible surgery on her leg. We cannot be happier with the new dynasplint!

Lets hope this works!  

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