Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rorys 5th surgery

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We went down to Dr.Paley's in Florida for a check up last week. Before the appointment we talked to her doctors about what to expect, we learned our lesson the last surgeries!  We were expecting her to stay down there for intense physical therapy since her leg still doesn't straighten, but not too long just a week or two tops. There was a good chance she would not need any surgery unless there's a problem with her bones, so we knew we would have to do x-rays. We hoped and packed for the best- only for a few days. 

However..... We have the worlds worst luck!

We got down there and found out that there was an issue with the bone. 
She had her fifth surgery this week she had a Right anterior distal femoral hemiepiphysiodeisis. In other words they put a metal eight plate and screws right where her femur meets her knee to tether the growth so the bone will no longer grow crooked and will grow straight.  As the bone grows straight the knee will loosen up and she will get her knee range of most ion almost all the way back. She also had the metal plate in three screws removed from her femur, but the screw is still holding her hip bone in place.

 Her lengthening is now postponed until her fourth birthday in September. 
The surgery went well, no complications. She was and is still In a lot of pain, the first few days she was in so much pain she would vomit.  We called up the doctors to check and make sure everything was normal- they fit us in immediately and ensured us that she was normal. 

she did have some of her post op spasms on the airplane home- where her whole body shakes and her eyes roll back in her head, extremely horrifying but we learned it is not uncommon for kids coming out of anesthesia.  
 It was no fun for mama!

We are home now have re-learning to stand on two legs and again. She gets tired easy, but is doing well.  She has physical therapy 4 times a week because now we have to work on her flexion and extension. We will be taking a lot more X-rays to make sure the hardware is doing it's job. 

Zin has been a huge help during everything. Rory loves her sister and motivates Rory in her physical therapy. 

I'll keep everyone posted on how she's doing!  


  1. You guys are just amazing. Love the last pic, three beautiful girls!!

  2. Have you heard of "beads of courage"? I think Rory qualifies, but I'm not completely sure. Children are given beads to mark medical events such as surgeries, x rays, needle sticks and overcoming fears.http://www.beadsofcourage.org/



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