Wednesday, January 8, 2014

3 month post op X-rays/ Rory update!

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It's time for post op X-rays!  Although Rory has had more X-rays in her 3 years than me and my husband have had our entire life, they still scare her a bit. We went to get some the other day to send to Dr. Paley.  

Jon and I are ol' pros at this process too and when we saw the X-rays we knew right away that they would have to be redone. We told he technician but she said we would have to wait until we got a new prescription. 

We sent the X-rays anyway....sure enough we need to get them redone- so as soon as we can maneuver around our foot of snow we will get them retaken. 

We still do physical therapy 4 times a week.  Lately Rory has been extremely tight- when se wakes up in the morning she limps on it and even crawls on the floor. She says it doesn't hurt but is really tight. Her most wonderful PA with Dr. Paley has instructed us to do stretches first thing in the morning with her and again several times during the duration of the day.   

I can do the morning stretches pretty easily because she wakes up before Zin: but during the day is harder. At first Rory was pretty upset we had to do stretches- but I let her play with the iPad so it's a win win now. 

Zin is doing great too- she loves Rory and will watch her every move. We have Zin do "stretches" too which Rory likes- I know my little Zin is going to help her older sister out so much in the future. 

I'll keep everyone posted after this snow melts and we can redo the X-rays!  

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