Thursday, March 20, 2014

Homemade puffy paints

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Today we made homemade puffy paint. This was one of the easiest recipes to make an something Rory enjoyed so much. We even had Zin playing with the puffy paint... however she ate most of it.  Normally I would be upset that she was eating it but it was just flour, water and salt so I wasn't too upset (and tried to get almost all out of her mouth). 

 To Make the puffy paint all you do is take 1 tablespoon of self rising flour, (and if you don't have some you can just make your own with one cup of all purpose flour, half teaspoon of salt, and one and a half teaspoon of baking powder.) Then add 1 tablespoon of salt.  Then add some water so that is kind of thick like yogurt.   I had Rory mix in food coloring,  she loved to mix the colors and see the new colors appear!

Then we painted till the paints were gone! 

After you're done painting just pop it into the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds depending on how thick your paintings are and they will pop up. We had so much fun with this together; it was so easy to make and so easy to clean! And we loved that little Zin could do it with us too. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Shoes!

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We finally got some new shoes for rotary! It has taken a very very long time to get them but we finally got them. We have to drive almost an hour and a half one way to the prosthetic. We had to go to a few appointments and meet with them, get them made, and then fitted- but it was well worth the drive. The shoes are newer and most important they are lighter than they have ever been. 

Her prosthetic/orthotic understood everything we wanted for the shoe. He made them perfect. She now has shoes that are not too tight, and even wears them even more than she normally does.  

Unlike her previous shoes these are flared out at the bottom and have a curved toe for when she walks. They also have a small send strip of leather- like material around a lift to protect it from every day wear and tear. Her last lift was 8cm, but we have decided to make this one 7 cm to create maximum extension since her leg still is not straight home properly. She loves the shoes because they are pink and have flowers on them!  They are also athletic type shoes like mine, and she says that they make her run faster!

We are so happy to have them!

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