Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Shoes!

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We finally got some new shoes for rotary! It has taken a very very long time to get them but we finally got them. We have to drive almost an hour and a half one way to the prosthetic. We had to go to a few appointments and meet with them, get them made, and then fitted- but it was well worth the drive. The shoes are newer and most important they are lighter than they have ever been. 

Her prosthetic/orthotic understood everything we wanted for the shoe. He made them perfect. She now has shoes that are not too tight, and even wears them even more than she normally does.  

Unlike her previous shoes these are flared out at the bottom and have a curved toe for when she walks. They also have a small send strip of leather- like material around a lift to protect it from every day wear and tear. Her last lift was 8cm, but we have decided to make this one 7 cm to create maximum extension since her leg still is not straight home properly. She loves the shoes because they are pink and have flowers on them!  They are also athletic type shoes like mine, and she says that they make her run faster!

We are so happy to have them!


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