Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rory update!

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The other day we had x-rays of Rory's leg taken and sent down to Dr. Paley. This is usually the time where I start getting very fussy and nauseous, and don't sleep- you never know when you will have to drop everything and go in for a surgery. We expect we thought that Dr. Paley would want to have the hardware removed from her leg and we're expecting a trip down to Florida. 

We got good news, her leg is straightening wonderfully, but he would like the bone to grow a bit more straighter. We are now going to take some x-rays again in three more months. We were planning on and August/September lengthening procedure for Rory, but we want her leg to be fully healed after the hardware is removed before the procedure. So now our plans are postponed another few months-which is fine for most people are, except I plan neurotically for every detail in our day and of course a 4-6 month surgery!  

 So, around June/July we will send more X-rays, I assume at that time we will remove the screws and the 8 plate from her knee and possibly the screw in her hip. After she is recovered from that we will then do the lengthening (which I am completely dreading, however at the same time just want to get it over with already!). 

We are very excited that her leg her bone is straightening the way it should and she can now fully straighten her leg!!!  It is also a relief that for the first time in over a year and a half we will not have to go to physical therapy 3-4 times a week!  We are going to finish her last few sessions, but we are really looking forward to just enjoying being the kid this summer.  Playgrounds, pools, anything and everything outdoor here we come!!!

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