Tuesday, May 13, 2014

David and the Giant

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At Rory’s preschool they had a musical of “David and the Giant.”  Rory had worked so hard each day singing and knowing her lines for the musical.  She sang at school, sang at home, in the car- she sang her little heart out.  

The day finally came and Rory woke up excited.  I got her a corsage at the flower shop, (actually I got her a boutonniere, because the corsage’s were $30 and I could easily see Rory ripping it off after a five minute.  I put the boutonniere on a bracelet and she actually loved it!).  She had never been to a flower shop and loved smelling all the different flowers. 

When it was closer we got ready, everyone in the house got “fancy,” probably more fancy than we should have been- but we didn’t care.  We all fixed our hair, wore dresses, put on perfume, and Rory was thrilled to put on her sparkly shoes (without her lift)!  

It was finally time for her performance.  I took pictures while holding up the video camera.  Zin loved it too- she was staring at her sister the whole time.

  It was the cutest 20 minuets ever!  Rory sang the loudest too!  After the show Rory got more flowers.  She was so proud of herself and we were so proud of her.  It was also nice that we all had ice-cream afterwards! 

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