Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Shoelift Repairs

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There are several complications that arise when you have a shoe lift.  Normally, we like to have more than one pair of shoes for her, but currently only have one pair for Rory.  One complication that we have had in the past and are currently dealing with, is that the lift can come apart.  Her shoes began coming apart and were flaking on the toe, and we knew from the past that once a little bit flakes- its only a matter of time before it all flakes!

I called up her prosthetic and he informed me that we could bring the shoe in for a repair (we were happy because it would take a lot of time to money buy, ship, and make whole new shoes for her....again, another reason why it is SO good to have 2 pair of shoes for her!).  The girls and I made the morning out of, we drove almost hour and a half just to drop off the shoes.  We had some fun, went shopping and ate “doughnuts” at Panera (which Rory requested) and on the way home she was excited to watch Rudolph the red nosed reindeer on her phone!  

We are waiting to pick up the shoe... She has a lot of her cousin’s old shoes- some are flip flops, some have little heels, some are sandals, some are athletic shoes- but all of them are amazing not just because they were her cousins, but because they don’t have a lift on them!  Rory loves wearing any pair of shoes she wants, She told me today that she missed her lift- and that she is faster with her lift on

I think this little “break” from the lift is good for Rory too- When she walks without her lift her leg gets really wonderful extension, which is one reason we are still going to physical therapy.  For the most part, we are enjoying the different shoes she gets to “model” each day!

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