Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shoe lift repairs....again!

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Once again Rory's shoes have completely fallen apart. We have driven them again to get repaired (an hour and a half away...arrg!).  We now have realized how completely necessary a second pair of shoes are and are on a mission to get some!

 I am not sure if Rory wears her shoes too much (she normally only wears them outside, and take them off as soon as we get inside) or is just extremely active when she wears them, but they just continue to fall apart.  I can't imagine only wearing one pair of shoes!!!!


We are now working on getting her another pair. She is really looking forward to picking out the new shoes. In the meantime Rory has really love wearing all different types of shoes. We bought her some shoes that look like dinosaurs that she could not love more. He also really likes to wear sandals like her sister and of course her sparkly red shoes.

Although Rory normally loves wearing all other different types of shoes, she has realized how the lift helps her out. Just today, she wanted to ride her bike, the red rocket, the other day. We got on the road for about a block when she had a hard time reaching the pedal.  Although riding her bike is one of her favorite things to do, she soon realized how it is very necessary for her to have her big show to ride more effectively. We look forward to picking up the shoes this week into getting a nice new pair soon!

The repairs look good!


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